My Favorite Christmas Ornaments

All of the turkey is gone or is in some kind of other dish, let's bust out all of the holiday decor! My trees has actually been up since before Thanksgiving Day. That's right, trees, with a plural on them. I have roughly somewhere between 25-30 trees from 1 foot to 15 feet tall. I have four 15 feet trees that I just love. I have also loved the idea of a Christmas tree in every room as a kid. I kept the promise to myself. I even have one in my laundry room, and one in every single bathroom. But what about the sparkly and pretty things that go on the tree?

There are so many ornaments in my house. Some are from my childhood gifted to me from my parents, and some I make new every year with the kids (kitchen tree with cinnamon ornaments and cookie ornaments.) Regardless of what kind of ornaments here are some that I hold close and dear to my heart.

Let's start with one that I cherish over it being a favorite. And that's Santa Starfish. I remember I was not pleased with my grandmother when she got me an ornament for Christmas church party. I was about four years old. And lets be real a child wants something that he or she can play with. I had an ornament that I was told to be gentle with when I picked it up. I also thought it was kind of ugly. But now that my Mewmaw is gone I cherish this little weird ornament:

Next on the list is a big eyed friend that I received three years ago when I moved to Alabama. A friend of mine loves owls like I do (she may even more than me.) She gave me this glittery big eyed friend that looks out for all of the other ornaments:

When going to an ornament exchange party you never know what you'll bring home. But my friends usually know me pretty well. Back when I was living in Washington we had a party with some friends and I got the perfect ornament that makes me giggle every time I see it:

Welcome Foolish Mortals... Ahhh one of my favorite phrases. I have a lot of favorite Disney ornaments but let's start with my absolute favorite Disney ornament I have! My Mickey Haunted Mansion butler ornament is very much loved by me. It has just enough glitter to make it stand out and become more than just hidden:

Next up is another ornament that means a lot to me. I remember getting this when my brother Bryant was born. Really two brothers when I wanted a sister? I love this ornament because it's fiberoptic wings are amazing and still magical to me. You put a spare light bulb in the bottom of the ornament and the wings light up:

Next ornament is actually new this year, but there is a strong connection of love for this ornament. It's a completely glittery hedgehog. This makes me think of my best friend every single time I see it. It so adorable and makes me grin. I have a few ornaments that I use for filler that are completely glittery but this one is different because it has special meaning:

All Fired Up is a place I love to go in Tuscaloosa. It's such an unique store. They have pottery things that you can paint and then they make them shiny and burn the paint on the objects. I went when I was home for Christmas in 2012 with my cousins. We had the best time! So here is what I made:

Coming up next is my very first ever ornament. Yep this is baby Hunter's first ornament. The snowflake is holding the baby up by its bottoms. This was an ornament is very special to me because I always put it up first. Now my little ones have ornaments like this that they put up with their birth years on them. Each one is very different, just as they are:

Do you like homemade ornaments? Some parents love them, and some think they are stupid. I treasure the ornaments my kids make, just as my parents treasured mine. Which is where the next ornament comes in. This dove is extra sparkly and gives extra light and hope. I was around 6 years old then, making this ornament almost twenty years old. My mom told me to share it with my family now. It's usually perched up high:

Like I said I have several Disney ornaments on my tree. This one is the Victorian Christmas Mickey Bell ornament. I love bell ornaments, because when you are placing presents under the tree or rearranging them the bells jingle. This one is also a winner because it's so darn cute! I love that he has the hat off:

My parents were firm believers in that you got an ornament every single year. I have all of mine. But this one was the year I started taking dance. Which led to me being on the dance team in high school and in college. I love the ballerina ornaments I have through the dancing class lessons, but when I started taking private lessons I moved onto other hobbies as well:

I was having a really rough Christmas in 2009. Things were bad with my brother Bryant, I had hit a rough patch with people I thought were close friends. My aunt gave me a tiny praying angel ornament that I fell in love with right away. She gave me a blonde one as well, but my brother has it because I gave it to him so he could have an angel too. Plus, he said the blonde reminded him of me:

The next ones has no story. It was bought at a Dollar General a few years back. I love little country churches. This ornament is wooden and painted. It has a douse of glitter on it, and while it is small it stands out on the tree. It's a beautiful simple piece that reminds what the real meaning of Christmas is and where I should be more often:

Next on the list is an old fashion ornament. It's bauble ball ornament wrapped in string with a plastic sleeve around it bearing a winter scene on it. It's a plastic bauble ball, but it's gorgeous. I will hold onto it for as long as I can without it getting damaged:

Another Disney ornament for this post. This was bought last year. It was an end to era. The Osborne Family Lights show wrapped up it's final show last year. Trust me, I am still very bitter about that. I do believe it is the worst mistake Disney has made in quite some time. From what I hear the show that takes it's place is laughable and completely stupid. But I have the It's a Wrap ornament that will cherish and hopefully Disney will get it together and bring the lights back:

Next to last is a gift from a friend last year. This ornament is apparently rare and he found it for me while trying to find things for his new house. I was so incredibly shocked at this gift. Because it is a true Lennox Tinkerbell from 2006 with no scratches or anything in her original packaging. She's absolutely stunning and shines when the lights are on her:

And lastly is my final ornament and my final Disney ornament. It is the Victorian Mickey & Minnie in an oval shaped frame for them. It's so stunning. I got this three years ago on my trip with Vincent. It means a great deal to me because so much in my life changed that winter. I will never forget that, never:

What ornaments do you cherish? Do any of your ornaments have stories or special meanings behind them? Do you have a tree for them? Or do you decorate the tree with bauble balls?

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