My 20 Favorite Things About Christmas

Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings

While this song has some interesting things as favorites, I have a few of my own favorite Christmas things. There is nothing better than the Christmas season to me. Christmas is just the most beautiful holiday. So here are a few of my favorite things.

So settle in and enjoy the views of what makes up Christmas to me.

Christmas at Disney

I don't recommend spending Christmas Day at Disney World or Disneyland, but going in December is incredible and so worth it!

Christmas Trees

Yes I adore Christmas trees. I always have. And again I have over 25 in my house. It's just a huge part of Christmas to me.

Christmas Music

Goodbye October, hello Christmas music. And the modern king of croon, Michael Buble! Still sending prayers for him and family about their son.

Christmas Villages

There is just something about the ceramic building in fake snow all dressed up for Christmas. I love the glow from the village.

Candy Canes

I love the colors and just how this is a symbol of the season. Plus, they are tasty!

Hot Chocolate

I love tea, but I love all hot beverages when it gets cold. It makes me so happy. I love adding whipped cream and extra toppings!

Twinkling Lights

This is probably the biggest thing throughout my life for Christmas. Not the movies or books, or even treats. I was amazed as a child watching the lights dance and twinkle. I was found several time watching the tree dance. I was allowed to switch the dial that made them do all sorts of dances. This still makes something swell inside me.


The true meaning of Christmas is found here for me. A circle wreath with five candles, really helps ground me into the real reason of the season. Jesus Christ was born and we await His return.

Learning about Christmas Around the World

While in the past few years myself and my family have been learning more about British traditions. We have also incorporated some other worldly Christmas traditions as well. And yes, we love Christmas Crackers.

Wrapping Paper

Thanks to my mentor, Pretty Neat Living, the holiday season isn't complete without Gift Wrap Wonderland at The Container Store. I love the papers mixes and matching under the tree and in the store. It's absolutely amazing.


My candle obsession starts when the Autumn candles debut in August and the don't stop until March when spring is in bloom. I love the warm glow that candles give a house. Just really helps set the Christmas mood.

Cold Weather

I love oversized sweaters with leggings and boots. I love wearing the coats with fur lined hood. Those make me happy.

Rockettes Holiday Show

Yes they are fabulous to watch on Thanksgiving Day in the parade (which really starts off the Christmas season), but watching these ladies live? There is something just magical, especially the toy soldier dance!

Christmas Parades

There is Christmas parades galore. There is one in my hometown. It's a tiny parade. Then Tuscaloosa has a parade and it had over 200 floats this year. It's just fun and festive!

Christmas Movies

I love older movies. I don't care for newer movies unless they are Hallmark movies. It just seems like people want to go for stupid and overly "funny" movies. I love originals, White Christmas, The Santa Clause, and The Christmas Gift. JP Phelps loves The Christmas Gift too.


I am marrying a cookie monster, however, cookies have always been a huge hit with me this time of year. And my favorite? Sugar cookie-- hint, hint!


This was my favorite Christmas book as a child. I was lucky enough to find a porcelain a set. 

Santa/Elf on a Shelf

I love when the elves come out, and we get to go see Santa! The looks on the children's faces is priceless.

Christmas Sweaters

I love cozy sweaters. While most people hate wearing what they call tacky or ugly sweaters, I actually enjoy it.

Gingerbread Houses

I love the spicy smell of gingerbread and the smell of vanilla and candies for decorating.

This is my list for favorite things of Christmas. What are some of yours? What makes you smile the most during the holiday season?

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