Sticker Shops Used in 2016

The gift that a lot people chose to get me this year? An Etsy gift card. Why? Because.... I BUY ALL THE STICKERS!!!!! Seriously, I have an obsession with planner stickers. I have no self control when buying kits, icons, and decoration stickers. Stickers in your planner? Yes, I'm 26 years old and I adore placing stickers in planner! Proud Sticker Layer!

So what stickers do I use the most? What shops? Who would I purchase from again and who would I not?

So here is the break down of what shops I used the most kits from:

Planner Penny - I used 14 kits from her. Yes out of 52 weeks (plus 4 from last December, so 56,) she had the kits that I used the most. Some of the kits are not even available anymore. I have three of her printable kits for Valentine's Day (Star Wars), Easter, and St. Patrick's Day (Style 2). She also has a shop on Etsy if you would rather use an Etsy gift card.

Here are a few other kits I used from her:

Pretty Sheepy - My Disney Sister at heart! This girl can make some Disney stickers like no one else! There is no way I can list ALL of the stickers I have from her, because I use a lot of the Disney functional stickers (park icons, dining rsvp, and Best Day Ever.) She is one of my favorites. I used a total of 9 kits from her this year.

My favorite kits I used from Pretty Sheepy:
StickerSters - They have "kits" but I love them for decoration stickers. They have wonderful stickers that a lot of the time go with other people's kits. That's why I really love them!

Here are some of my favorites:
Plan with Pizazz - This is the second most used sticker shop in my planner this year. I used ten of her lovely kits. I even bought one for next year already, because I love how she does her kit so much, plus they are still the best price on the market. She does a lot of Disney ones, but I enjoy her vintage type styles more.

Krissy Ann's Designs - Everyone loves her stickers. And her sampler pages are great, but I just cannot get into her stickers. I bought a two tone weekly kit, and I didn't care for it. I realize I am all about some deco, now, as the planner world calls it.

Tiger Lily Creations - I do believe I was the last customer she ever had. While she hasn't officially shut down her shop, it has been on a break since she shipped me my stickers. It's a shame too, she had deco stickers that were fantastic. I love her different owls for the different holidays, and the pencils so you could write things.

Oh Hey Stickers - The shop has awesomely, hilarious owners. Their Golden Girls stickers is what I used from them. I loved their stickers! I really didn't think it had took them long, but they were going through some personal trouble and didn't feel like they had sent their stickers out fast enough, and sent full sheets of other stickers. First, I was worried I had gotten someone else's order in addition to mine. But no they were just really nice!

One Orange Snowflake - If you like KrissyAnnDesigns then I can almost guarantee that you'll like OneorangeSnowflake. However, this shop has a lot more of the decoration kits. She has some interesting kits at that. Hers are very different and there are so many stickers within her kit. There is something for everyone. It's wonderful. I really like her kits and I do plan on buying more.

Sweet Kawaii Designs - She has the best Kawaii stickers. I love her sheets as well. I bought from her in 2015 for a Thanksgiving kit and that's why I went to her in 2016! They are really easy to use and she has went to vinyl stickers and a lot more to her kits.

Saucy Sticker Co - I used her Merry & Bright kit and absolutely loved the layout and spread. The stickers arrived very quickly. And I loved the quality. The glossy was the kind that I love. It was so easy to write on, but they are not removable. I do plan on buying from the shop again.

Miss Adaline - Her stickers are printed on the most luxurious paper. It's not the unicorn matte that feels like velvet. But rather a little bit thicker sticker but vivid colors. I cannot wait to buy another kit from her! I bought one of her Christmas kits, and it was my favorite December spread.

Nikki Plus Three - Her kits are absolutely gorgeous! I bought two sets of pregnancy stickers, each for a friend and they loved them. I cannot get over how gorgeous her kits are. I would own one of all of her kits if I could. Plus I really like watching her on Youtube as well.

Paid Printables - I mostly bought from Planner Penny and Pretty Sheep (linked above) for paid printables. Here are some of the printable shops I used this year:

Free Printables - The free printables come from planner groups and different planners' blogs. And many times they disappear, or the post gets deleted so grab those as fast as you can if you don't mind printing and cutting your own stickers.

So these are the stickers I used in 2016. Who know what sticker kits I will use for 2017! What is your favorite planner sticker shop? Sticker sent to you or print your own?

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