My Letter to Santa: 2016

When was the last time you wrote a letter to Santa, Saint Nicholas, or Father Christmas? I write a letter every year with my girls. I've always known how important it is a write a letter to Santa. One of my favorite Christmas songs is "Grown-Up Christmas List."

This is my letter to the big man in red...

Dear Father Christmas,

Merry Christmas! How have you been? My children have been watching you on the Santa cam so we know some of the things that you have been up to this year. It's interesting to see the things you do on the Santa cam.

My list this year is pretty simple. I have a few things for me, and a few things for my family and friends. This year is it just about simplicity and stickers. That's right mainly stickers.

I'm sure you have seen that my new toy of my life is my planner. And while you make think this is a materialistic thing, let me explain. With my planner, my best friend and I spend hours looking at stickers, looking at note pages, and looking at layouts. We laugh and dream of the perfect planner pages, and it's fun for us. So that's why I need an Etsy gift card (and maybe one for her too.)

Some other things on my list:

  • The straw lid to my Life Factory water bottle. I love drinking through a straw. Water will go like wild fire then.
  • Lush bath bombs and bubble bars are again on my list. I really enjoy a good bath. Those products make me feel god.
  • Sharpies, the extra fine tip, markers are also for my planner.
But the things I want most this year is for everyone in my family to get everything they need for Christmas. I know that we don't always get what we want, and that's fine. For every dream come true, there are hardships with it. Which will make everyone a stronger person.

I'm very blessed this year, Mr. Clause. Some people swear this year is more dreary than others however, this Christmas means a lot more to me. This Christmas has shown me how perfect the world really is, and how grateful I am on this earth to enjoy the beauty some more.

Thank you for providing joy,
Hunter Collins

P.S. We have Brits living in our house this year so I'm sorry for the sherry and mince pie. There will still be cookies and milk though. And some oats and carrots for the reindeer.

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