Erin Condren Life Planner Review

Back at the beginning of June I started talking about an Erin Condren Life Planner. I wanted one really badly. I was a returning customer excited for the updates like changable covers and coil clips! So the night of the release I bought one immediately! Two and half weeks later (trust me it seemed so much longer than that) I had it in my hands! I was so excited.

I have written about it often but here are my big posts about the Erin Condren Life Planner:

I Told Him I Got A Plan and I'm Gonna Dominate - Basically my plans for my planner. Crazy but true. Honestly, this is one of my favorite posts to date. I love the ideas I had then and now for my planner.

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Spread It Out For Me - My early layouts. I like these kinds of posts as well. It gives you an inside look at what goes on in my life.

Cute Stickers: To Make Your Planner Look Adorable - Stickers and stamps are something I buy a lot of now. It's exciting to get something in the mail from Japan! I enjoy stickers from overseas.

Now back to the review:

The quote is from my favorite Disney ride: Carousel of Progress

I love that the covers are interchangeable now but that comes with a price of wanting a million different covers and since you can now basically design your own cover the options are seriously unlimited. My only complain is I have had a lot of air bubbles with this cover. I also bought the Turquoise silver foil cover but it has not had a single air bubble (knock on wood.) This one has had three. Now Erin Condren herself goes over planner care in this video found here: Wear and Tear of Planners.

So with the help of the video I managed to get rid of my air bubbles that were in planner. I am really grateful for the hint. There are a lot of good things found in that video of how to take care of your planners.

Just inside the planner is my foil pop sheet. I did order the foil cover so this came in the front. I love how there is an upside down Mickey head on mine! Proof the planner was meant to be with me! My only thing I do not like in the first few pages of the planner is the info page is now in a separate book called the perpetual calendar (which I will show later.) I for one do think there needs to be an owner page. Just in you forget your planner or whatever because you may not have the perpetual calendar in your planner.

This is what a full month spread looks like for me. Also this is showing a used coil clip. I received this pick me up note from a friend and I adore it! So I clipped it right in!

An empty month spread looks like the above though I have already started adding some blogging ideas and reminders. Also I have added in some stickers as well to give it a more cozy feeling and making it look more cute.

This week's spread which is not finished yet. This is an old bookmark from a different Erin Condren planner. I like it a lot better than the clear one that came with this planner. It's not as thick and doesn't seem to want to break as bad.

What the daily boxes look like semi-blank. I love going ahead and washi taping the bottom where is say Daily Dos, Exercise, Lists, Inspiration, etc. I find that off putting. I cover it up every week. I would much rather have a design there instead of words.

The bookmark that came with this planner is back here in January marking the beginning of our big Disney trip! This book mark is a little thick for me and had some scratching from the beginning. I was glad that I had kept my old bookmark from my old EC LP.

The notes section is pretty awesome. There is lined paper and unlined paper like the above. I have stamped and rubbed on some lines but you can do whatever you feel like doing. I also have a Wishlist, Blog list, Inspirational quotes and Christmas gift list in addition to the school page you see above.

They moved the future year spread to the back which I actually really love. I rarely use this so it was wasting space in the front for me. I do like it being back here in the back though.

The last printed page in the planner is basically and ad for Erin Condren but it's still pretty just the same. It's basically stating how you can earn credits and such with your referral link. I will post mine here while we are on the subject. 

The already labeled re-positional stickers are something else new this time. They are actually able to be re-positioned if you have tried sticking and it landed crooked. This happens a lot to me and being a person that likes to have most things ship shape that drove me nuts that it would rip the page. So I am glad to have this!

The blank repositional stickers are amazing. The colors are so vivid and really go with the color scheme. I know I am going to have to repurchase some in the future because of how many I have already used. I use these on the note section of the weekly spread. 

The coiled in Keep It Together folder is great. I like keeping random pieces of paper in there until I can get them to their destination. Right now it is just holding my perpetual calendar. I sometimes will stick extra stickers or thank you cards in here for having on hand.

The back pocket of my Keep It Together folder houses my most used stickers and rub ons. Also since I have not created a dash board yet I have placed a few super sticky sticky notes to the pocket. I use these daily for help with remembering what goes into my blog.

This is new. I like it for the calendar part but not the contacts and personal information page. I like having those in the planner. I just feel like I can lose this little booklet a lot easier than I can lose my planner.

The inside of the perpetual calendar is just as colorful as the rest of the planner. It's has some amazing quotes and designs inside this small booklet. Erin Condren that you can even coil clip this into your planner but I like it in the Keep It Together pocket.

The above pictures are from the inside of the perpetual calendar. I have color coded mine for each month's colors. I am still in the process of gathering all the birthdays and anniversaries. This may take some time but I do like that you can use it over and over. 

The see through plastic pouch at the back holds some coupons, paper clips, stickers, cards, and gift cards. I like using this pouch for that. It's really best to just house flat objects in this pouch otherwise it makes the planner very bulky. 

Erin Condren is nice enough to send you personal stickers that you can had to personal belongings or gifts. This works out great in a pinch for forgotten birthdays. The Let's Get Together cards with the swirly paper clips are included too with the planner. Now the coil clips are sold separately but are really worth the money. I know I want to make my own inserts as well but I like the coil clips too. Also separately purchased is the pen holder on the planner. I like it for holding my stylus/pen.

Overall, I am very happy with my planner. I look forward to writing in it all the time. I get so excited when I get a list of dates or something. Plus, it really helps me keep my focus on blogging. I cannot wait to see what is in store for us in the coming years of Erin Condren planning.

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