My Disney Trip February 2015 - Princess Marathon.

I have been told I was a Princess since the second my daddy lifted me into his arms the day I was born. And I just have to prove that my daddy is always right (except when we disagree then I'm right.)
It was my second time to run the Princess Marathon Weekend at Walt Disney World, but this time I did the entire weekend and Rain ran her first race! We had an awesome time!

 I can honestly say that I love running Disney's marathon weekends. It's just fun for me and helps me keep in great shape. I love the expo though that comes with it. You kind find all kind of one of a kind things for running and the races! I spends hours in the expos at Disney. Like these Dooney & Burke purses to left. I love Disney and Douney & Burke pairing up together!

I know someone people get frustrated with the expos because you have paid so much to run the race and the expo just doesn't seem fair. But I personally budget that in! I love the expo and the merchandise that there!

I don't put the car decals on my cars except for a few the rest I put around my wall mirror in my home gym. It's a reminder in the morning at 5:30 or 6 A.M that I am working for something and there is a true payoff to working towards that goal.

I also like buying the cups for the same reason because it's a reminder to put something good in that cup so that I can run again. But I can also treat myself in the same cup.

There is something so magical to me about seeing the train station on the way to Magic Kingdom. I am also that person that reads the bricks because I find it so fanscinating to see the dates and the names on the walk to the gates. You'll also see me taking off my purse and having it ready for the security people to check it.

I enjoy the rope drop show but at the same time I enjoy the empty park photos in front of the castle if I have a breakfast dining reservation at Crystal Palace or Cinderella's Castle. I usually strive to both in a trip. Because the rope drop show is just so amazing to me. It gives me chills and tears each time I see it. Even if I'm wearing wings I get chills while performing because, heck, it is Disney after all.

There are always magical things happening at Disney. From the vactioners making their own magic to Disney creating special experiences. It's very emotional!

There was some limited time magic characters in the parks this weekend! John Smith was one of them. He is a character that I have seen only once before so being able to meet him was a new experience for me. My daughter tickled me though, "I would have rather met John Ralph, that is who she married. Not some guy that cared more about his ship and his selfish needs than her." Yup I am raising her right!

She ran in the half marathon weekend for the first time! She did the 5K and the kid races. Her sister, Luna isn't far behind her. She will race in the Tinker Belle Half Marathon Kid Races. I am so proud of each of them!
My running partner, Chris, loved the fact that my daughter joined us! He kept making her laugh and snort while running. She was very proud of her 5K medal. She was proud of her Kid Race one as well but she kept looking at her medal and grinning. I swear the sun had competition for the beaming light radiating out from her. When we returned I had the 5K framed for her without glass so she could still touch it.

She does still have a lot to learn about recovery though. Which is why I promised her if she recovered the right way like I instructed her to do I would let her and her sisters build a Dino from T-Rex.

The girls were estatic about building dinos! They had built a bear before but never a dino. It wass so new to them and watching them pick out accessories and dinos to stuff was fantastic. My fiance, Vin, even insisted that I make one to remember the special trip by for later on. I loved spending that time with the girls.

We all had very girly looking dinosaurs to eat with at T-Rex Cafe. We love T-Rex Cafe with the animatronics everywhere. The girls like this better the Rainforest Cafe, which is owned by the same company. They said that it is more fun and different. I asked them how and the answers made me laugh on the inside: "It's not as dark." "More to do!" "Nicer people, jeez mom." "Better food." From the mouths of babes folks!

Saturday came and Chris laughed at the fact I was so excited about running. He said no one should be that excited about running that early in the morning. I told him that he had no idea and that he should be lucky his running partner has so much enthusiasm.

We enjoyed the run and laughed about the motivational songs. We also were giggling at the people that think we are married when running. But we are good sports about it and just laugh and carry on. Chris's wife was back home since she was 9 months pregnant and she had told him to go on this was his challenge and it would make her proud. (Ohhhhh did that ever come into play but that's for later!)

Doing an even that neither Chris nor I had ever been to was something really awesome! We usually carb together on our own food in our villas. So this was so awesome for us! And love it we did because the music and the food was perfect.

Let me add that Chris was my first new friend upon arriving in Alabama when I moved to Huntsville from Seattle. We became friends over exercising, dancing, and riding our motorcycles. We just have that friendship where we care about each other without falling for each other. So the music was perfect for us.
I will have to do more Past in the Park parties in the future! Yes there are lots more of races for me and Chris in the future and you'll be apart of it! We like taking pictures for ya'll and just being crazy and wild while staying healthy.

Pasta in the Park was really great to meet other runners and hear their stories. Striking up conversations with complete strangers is something I have no trouble doing and this atmosphere was great because even though we were strangers in a room eating we all had something in common-- that mileage that lay before us. So for that reason along I thought it was worth it.

We are so excited about this race in Paris, France! Chris and I have both been to Disneyland Paris before so we are no stranger to area there (his wife is from there!) So this is going to be amazing for us! We both got so excited about seeing this getting ready for the half marathon to start.

We like doing Disney races, but we are slowly branching out into doing more and more different kinds of marathons and races. Some say we like the bling, and other people say we like the attention and fame. We really just like the feeling of sharing a running experience together. It's a memory that will last us a lifetime.

Nothing beats the Fairy Godmother's Go! Just the sound of that "Go!" sends my body into waves of adrenaline, but I have to remind myself to pace myself. Pacing is important to me because I know I will do better if I start out with a few sprints, and go into a slight jog. I don't run until I am half way through. And my music is perfectly organized to keep me pumped and ready throughout the race!

This year's playlist included:

This was my second glass slipper challenge! I am so excited to have really pushed myself to this. The experiences from this can't be beat from any other races. To me these are top notch medals and I have never had anything bad happen during a race at Disney.

We got a text before the race started saying that Odette (Chris's wife) was Georgia doing some shopping which was odd to both me and him. He figured that she may have started feeling some contractions or something but never would we have guessed what would unfold in front of us.

As Chris crossed the finish line he had no idea that his wife had just finished having a semi-homebirth with her midwife in Georgia. She FaceTime Chris and he was overcome because his little princess had been born while he was running the princess marathon. His wife insisted he recover before coming to see them. His medals from the weekend hang in Raiponce;s nursery (for short we call her Ray-Ray and it's French for Rapunzel.)

Everyone thinks I'm crazy but I have to say that before the race I'm excited, during the race I'm screaming at myself never to do it again, and when I'm finished I'm ready to do it again. I never thought I would be that addicted to running and fitness. But I feel amazing after each one of them.

I cannot wait for the races in the future! More fitness, more training, more Disney! What more could this girl from Alabama want?

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