Top Ten Spring Break Theme Park Essentials w/ DailyLook

Spring break speaks to all ages, not just college students. Families like to travel on Spring Break to just get away and have fun. One of our family's favorite spring break trips is to go to a theme park. You who come here often know just how much I love some theme parks (one in particular!)

And this spring break season comes with exciting news. DailyLook  inspired me to take part in their LBD Spring Break Style Challenge! I selected the perfect little black dress that would compliment my vacation from their little black dress collection. I, then, styled the outfit for theme park vacation that would be able to change from daytime to night with ease.

1. Multi-Outfit Clothing:

Pack light to have a full vacation! Pieces that can be worn for a daytime fun look and then with a few changes can be worn as a perfect date night look are my favorite!

I love taking a basic white tee and being able to wear is sooo many days! dress it up with statement necklaces and some rhinestone sandals. Dress it down in during the day with just fun funky print capris! Wear the next day with a skater skirt and sneakers (after you wash it of course!)

DailyLook's Caught Out There is another way to really utilize pieces as well. Using a swim top with a skirt for a night look. Pair it with shorts during the day. And use the swim bottoms and top at the pool or on the beach!

Or like the style outfit below that is a dress turned into several outfits. Daytime wear with jeans for time in the park. Wear the dress as a bikini cover up while relaxing at the pool. Pair the dress with sparkly belt and sandals!

2. Sunscreen:

Spring break means lots of sun (even under overcast!) so bring the sunscreen for hours without turning into a cooked lobster! Even wear a hat if you can. More on how to stow that hat while on the rides later!

3. Shoes:

Above I added Inkkas Cotton Candy Sneakers for a reason. You are going to want a good shoe to walk around in. I also added Sam Edelman Sandra Sandals because even on a date in a theme park you don't want to wear heels! I am always amazed at the people that wear heels in a theme park. I can only imagine the blisters and sore feet after a day in theme park with heels on!

4. Camera

Many people swear by the camera on their phone. I am one of them, myself. My fiance is not, however, he perfers to take his Canon with us on trips and he loves taking pictures. Plus having these pictures on your camera and on your phone can be extremely important to you:

- Room # - Late night in the park and just too tired to really remember what the room number is? Or if you are trying to send something to your room have the number handy!

- Kids' clothing for the day - Take a picture of your child each morning with what they are wearing in case they become lost you have the exact picture of what they are wearing. I also like this idea for planning outfits for when it comes time to pack for another trip to look back and see what you have worn.

- Parking - I usually try to have someone drive us whether it be by bus, boat, or taxi. But I know some people who like to have their cars available. Take a picture of what is in front, behind and any other special ways to remember where you parked!

5. Cellphone:

Walkie-talkies really should be out of style by now but you'd be amazed at the people that still try to use them in the parks. And the number of people who don't bring in a cellphone flabbergast me! Most theme parks have joined with the rest of the world in technology. Make sure you have joined with the rest of the world on the technology wagon so in case of an emergency you can get the information you need!

6. First Aid Kit

Yes you need a basic first aid kit. But I have some peculiar items to add to it. Blister band aids, blister stick, aloe vera, Kleenex, and a few cough drops. These extra items will be a life saver.

7. Water bottles with filters:

Sure there are water fountains for you to drink out of at theme parks but I like to know my water has been extra filtered. I prefer to bring filtered water bottles into the theme park for a day, especially during spring. Plus make sure it has a strap! Nobody wants to carry or have to place it inside a purse or bag and carry it around! Also at Disney World go to any counter service and ask for a cup of water- it's always free!

8. Carabiner Clips:

Why these? Simple hook to jeans or bag then hook a hat during a ride and you don't have to worry about your hat flying away. Hook your water bottle and don't worry about it. Bought a lot of things and have about 10 bags to carry all the bags with ease!

9. Charger:

I recommend getting a portable charging device! Most of us use ourselves updating every little bit of our vacations. (Jealous much coworkers?) But also it's good to have one for emergencies. I don't know at the times I look at someone and say well I can't call them my phone is dead. It's frustrating. Even though some parks will have a charging station be prepared other ways just in case!

10.  Hand santizer:

Countless times I have been told to use hand santizer while at a theme park, and countless times I have used it very little and ended up sick! This year already I have been terribly sick while on vacation and it really takes out some of the fun if you can't breath out of both nostrils, or if you are coughing and getting others sick. So use hand santizer! Get some Bath and Body Works or at the checkout line at Target! You'll be really grateful for using it-- ALL THE TIME!

So pack light and off you go!

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