Mini Currents 04. 03. 15

Today has been amazing! Spending the day with my family all day long. The morning started off with yoga and then I went making sure the girls were set up to start on homeschooling. Then for me it was time to work on my planner while my babies had some tummy time.

Talking to my friend Jessica (yes from A Pop of Jess) while we talked about all sorts of different things. When we hung up I decided that I would watch Organized Jen or Jennifer Ross. I have a plan in the future for me talking about her.

The afternoon I asked if I could take Easter pictures at my Mewmaw's church. I remember growing up here and putting on so many Christmas and Easter plays. Trust me I still blush at the memory of wearing a huge crepe paper flower on my head one Easter morning.

Tonight is being spent preparing for Easter and blogging. Sunday morning Mewmaw will go with us to the Sunrise service. Our church may have it bad points but I clearly remember last year when someone wearing pajamas and someone else wearing workout gear.

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Happy - Pharrell 

Favorite Line from the book I'm reading:

“The one thing I am now sure of is that if there is such a thing as destiny, it is a result of our passion, be that for money, power, or love. Passion, for better or worse. It can keep a soul alive even if all that survives is a shimmering. I've even seen it. I've been bathed in it. I've been changed by it.”
― M.J. Rose, The Witch of Painted Sorrows

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Tomorrow's library trip

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  1. That dress is just the cutest thing!!! I love your style!