Mini Currents 04. 05. 15

Happy Easter everyone! I hope everyone is having a splendid Easter. I know I have really enjoyed today with the family and enjoying our first Easter with a large family.

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Favorite Article of Clothing:

Favorite Beauty Product:

KARINA Summer Color Glitter Bobby Pin

Favorite Food of the Day: 

Favorite Song:

Just Around the Riverbend

Favorite Line from the book I'm reading:

“I felt his voice. Fingers rubbing moss. Smoke curling. Wood worn and smoothed over time. His voice had darkness in it that hovered close to the ground, like a mist hanging over a lake deep in a forest at dusk. A bolt of sea-green velvet. A sensation as much as a series of sounds. It reverberated inside me.”
― M.J. Rose, The Witch of Painted Sorrows

Favorite Pin I Found on Pinterest:

Favorite thing taking place in the future:


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