It's a Celebration of Life

Today I am dedicating my whole day to things about my Mewmaw who passed away yesterday! She gave me so many hidden gem facts about life. She taught me a lot about household work and helped instill the love for Disney in me!

I will always tell my children about my mewmaw but today is for teaching them things and learning just how special a life truly can be! These are the things my mewmaw loved to do and I remember the most.



Buttermilk biscuits and gravy, grits, and bacon


Chicken fingers, corn, and mashed potatos


Little Debbie cakes


Chili and a cucumber sliced up

As for other things of Mewmaw different ways she passed her time is what we are doing today as well.

Laundry - that woman was constantly doing laundry. She was tickled to death when she finally got a dryer instead of hanging her clothes out on a line. 

Reading - Where the Red Fern Grows - She loved this book with her whole heart. We watched the movie several times together.

Watching movie - The Parent Trap - Countless times I watched this with her. She loved Haley Mills, which is probably why I adore her as well. 

Watching TV Show - Who Wants to be a Millionaire - "It's time for Millionaire." Oh she loved that show. Especially when Meredith took over. Lately she watched the View. She also loved watching Match Game, Wheel of Fortune, Judge Judy, and American Idol.

Music - Dolly Parton, The Gaithers, and Kelly Clarkson - She had an interesting taste in music for sure.

My fiance went and bought us some tomato plants so we can grow them and teach the girls how to can tomatoes. I will always be grateful for her teaching me how to can. I will carry on that southern tradition for her. 

And the last thing I plan to do is teach the children how to look up things in books and on the internet. My mewmaw was constantly wanting to know things, new things, and things to see if she was right. She wanted to know how words were pronounced and how they were spelled.

She was an amazing great great grandmother to my kids even if they barely got to know her. I will always remember her teaching me things and talking to me. What are memories do you have of your grandmother?

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