Mini Currents 06. 04. 15

I'm still at home!!!!! I spent the morning cutting out stickers for my planner and talking to my friends. It was delightful.

The afternoon wasn't as pleasant though, however, with me having to deal with things at the boutique. I don't understand how people in their 50s and 60s can act like high schoolers but oh can they! It's very frustrating, but hopefully we will have it all resolved soon.

I did manage to get a lot of things off my to-do list though!


Favorite Beauty Product:

Marilyn Hair Treatment

Favorite Food of the Day: 

My new recipe for bacon wrapped asparagus - Recipe coming soon

Favorite Song:

Dancin' in the Moonlight - Toploader

Favorite Line from the book I'm reading:

Virgil was, they said, not merely a poet but also a magus. - Wizards: The Myths, Legends, and Lore

Favorite Pin I Found on Pinterest:

Favorite thing taking place in the future:

Working with Mrs. Grayson.

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