Vintage and Retro

Growing up I knew things of the past. My dad drove a 1950s Chevy for a long time. Seeing a record player was not something I was a stranger to seeing. I loved Christmas the most for when the record player would have a home front center stage in the living room.

So yeah I love retro and vintage. Part of me feels like those things are what made us who we are today and that they should be remembered. Music, Tv, Technology, and recipes should all be respected.

Recipes - Omg I love food. Like really love food. I love to try food and everything. That's why when people are like food can't be vintage, I beg to differ! One of my favorite YouTuber does just that! LisafreemontStreet does a classic banana pudding that I absolutely adore making! Watch the video below!

Music - This pretty much goes without saying that vintage and music go hand in hand. I love records. I have my own collection of them that I started in college while walking the music stores in Nashville with Vin, Edwin, and Carolina. 
It's cliche but I dearly adore the Andrew Sisters and Bing Crosby and Glen Miller.

Television- I actually prefer to watch older shows. I grew watching TV Land with my parents so I loved I Love Lucy, Laverne & Shirley, The Brady Bunch, Happy Days, Father's Knows Best, Mary Tyler Moore, etc. These are shows I show to my kids and they ask me the funniest things about the shows. I think it's important to show tv shows from that time because it does make you think about what you have these days. 

Dancing - Ahhh to live in the dance where men could not be in show business and still dance! I love the fact that many of the guys in my life can actually dance. They aren't even afraid to admit. So instead of having a bunch of grumpy women because they are too "manly" to dance they have vibrant fun nights with us because they get out there dance! Oh the dances of the decades... Like Rita Hayworth and Fred Astaire in You Were Never Lovelier...

Movies - While we are on the subject of movies let's just talk about some of the most amazing movies that come from 20s-60s. To me these are the best vintage movies, if you have any more to add feel free to comment below. I'm always up for a classic movie!

Gone with the Wind
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
The Wizard of Oz
You Were Never Lovelier
Arsenic and Old Lace
It's a Wonderful Life
Singin' in the Rain
White Christmas
Some Like It Hot
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Move Over, Darling
Mary Poppins
Fashion - Though it may look like fashion has changed in reality it is just meshed together. Granted you won't dare find someone wearing a bathing suit from 1915 on a woman let me just say that. If you do please let me know! It looks something like this:

But to give you an example of what I'm talking about where fashion may change but it never actually stops being in rotation:

Most of these silhouettes you can even find in today's fashion! It's amazing to me to see how many iconic styles are listed here! I owe many of these style in very un-vintage clothing! So even fashion takes a lesson from the past.

I really think more things should be preserved for these years. Being that I adore these eras I find myself fantasizing what it would be like to live during them. I'll just live through the books, movies, television shows, and music though. I'll even goes so far as to say I'm pretty sure that's why the Carousel of Progress is my favorite attraction at Disney World. Yes, I'm being dead serious. It's my absolute favorite!

If I should watch anything or check out anything vintage let me know! I love feedback!

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