My Favorite Movies

Writing this post made me want to stop writing this post and watch every single one of these movies! Oh the childhood feels that hit me. I felt like I could tell you each plot of these movies but I don't want to ruin them for you!

Sweet Home Alabama

This is movie is my favorite because I totally get this. In some ways it's like my life. I wanted to get away find myself, make something of myself better than the redneck town where I was from, but like the main character we can't run from our past. It's a part of us.

Most of us redneck hicks are stubborn, but we aren't dumb. It's explained below.

We are also lazy, we take the "g" off of most words.

Amen and praise the Lord!

The first boy I kissed will be the last boy I kiss as well.

Peter Pan

I was raised on Disney, like most of you know. Peter Pan is what captured me though. I loved my Little Golden Book of Peter Pan until it started falling apart. This is one that I would get so mad because I didn't rewind it after watching it.

The Biggest Fan

I will say it's totally bad quality movie and terrible acting but I am and always be obsessed with Dream Street. Vin and I watched this the other day and cringed through most of it. I have to agree with a few other people, if the guy I like from a group is in my bed when I wake up the last thing I'm going to do is freak out and call my best friend. Scratch that's exactly what I would do too!

Kate and Leopold

The adult version of Enchanted. That's what this movie is to me. I love Hugh in this. I mean can the man get any sexier? This was a great love story. It's a seriously underrated movie.

Fever Pitch

My college days were filled with this movie. I freaking love Jimmy Fallon! He and Drew Barrymore were simply amazing. And the fact that they show real footage?!?! Unbelievable! 

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

My favorite Harry Potter where the movie matches the book is Sorcerer's Stone. However, my favorite movie is the Goblet of Fire is because of the sexiness that you see below. Oh the twins with long hair plus they received a ton of screen time. Seriously they should have been in the movies more. Oh Oliver in this scene looks so adorable!

Alex & Emma

Again another underrated movie. This movie is just one that I like to watch by myself because it inspires me with how this guy writes. Plus Luke Wilson is hot!!

Move Over Darling

This my parents had taped off of the TV. Trust me I can still hear the "Move Over Darling will return after these messages." Sad I know but that just proves how much I loved this movie even as a kid. I simply adore Doris Day as well. She doesn't sing in this one however, but my other favorite movie of hers is By the Light of the Silvery Moon.

However, why this one makes the list while that one doesn't is for many reasons. One, it's freaking hilarious! Two, James Garner was a very sexy man! And three, the love in this movie was fantastic.

The Girl that Spelled Freedom

Again this movie was taped on a VCR from the tv. I was always intrigued by this movie. You really learn what goes on in other country and what it means to immigrants to have freedom in America. I cannot wait for my girls become old enough to watch this movie and understand it. Granted it's rather old, but it shows the importance of family.

Mighty Ducks

These movies were something that I loved to watch with my uncles. I loved lounging at Mewmaw's watching these. Having him explain stuff to me as a kid. Seeing this reminds me of some of the best family memories of the summer.

Steel Magnolias - A favorite of mine because of the actors and actresses in it. The humor is unbeatable. It's one of my all time favorites and I can quote it to you! Plus I even have ringtones from this movie!

The Proposal - Lol love Sandra Bullock - Loved her in the Blind Side too....

Just Married  - Am I the only one who forgets that Brittany Murphy is gone? Frowny face! This one was my favorite from her. It just seemed rather real to me. Not every honeymoon is perfect and this made it on the comical side.

Hangman's Curse - Leighton Meester's last role before hitting it in the big time. It was fabulous! Love this because it is scary but inspirational.

Mortal Kombat - Choose your destiny! Movie inspired by a game that I love I'm on board!

Mean Girls - Eh I like this movie but not to the extent like other people do.

Nightmare Before Christmas - Total obsession movie! It's my favorite from October to December!

MIB II - I liked the first one but come on Agent M was hilarious! Great movie! Interesting from other alien movies.

Stepmom - This movie was an odd movie for me to love according to my parents. I did though.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants - Great movie that shows what friendship is really like. Getting mad, making up, and still laughing. 

Halloweentown 1 and 2 - My must watch for Halloween movies. It's my go-to movie for Halloween time. Everyone knows I have an obsession with witches and this isn't scary at all.

Matilda - Seriously this probably should have made the top 10. I drove it in the ground!

Pollyanna - Again another movie I made my parents hate because I would rewatch it and rewatch it

Legally Blonde - I object to this not being on the top 10! Still a favorite though!

Remember the Titans - I cannot go a football season without watching this! Sunshiiiiine.

Kiki's Delivery Service - I could not believe Odette and I both love this movie. I honestly had no idea that anyone would know about it.

Stardust - I loved the movie long before I read the book. This is one time where the movie is soooo much better than the book! 

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