Tea Time with Hunter: Fourth Volume

Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I have sat down and had a chat with you! This one tea time is going to be a little different than my past tea times. This one will be a little more personal, but it's something I want to address with you!

Tea: Twinings Chai Hazelnut
Music: Pandora

So fix you a cup of your favorite tea and get comfortable. I'll just sing with Lana Del Rey's Once Upon a Dream while you do so. And also I'll go ahead and link the past tea times: First, Second, and Third.

So you should know I'm a mom. I do NOT have any biological children, yet. I'm not even married yet and yes I'm waiting until marriage. So how am I a mom? Well that's the part that has been the hardest to tell my readers because God has decided for me to be the mom of a house full of children without even being married.

First, off Vin had custody of Rain when we first decided to become an item back at the end of 2013. Then not long afterwards he discovered he had custody of Luna and Arbour. He was named legal guardian because he had been placed in the will of his brother to have custody of the children. My dad request that I have custody of one of his daughter since she has sensory disorder. I gladly took custody of her.

Aspen is actually my sister. She is sweet as pie and gets along great with the children we found out Vin had custody of as well when his cousin died. Ella Michael, May Dawn, Brad, and Joelle were a bit of a shock to me on discovering we were their legal guardians through and through. Especially May Dawn who wasn't diagnosed with Williams Syndrome until we took her to see a physician. The reason why this was such a shock, especially to Vin was because he decided that he wanted to make our dreams come true and adopt two more children Pixie and Nyx, who have cerebral palsy and FAS respectively.

And so I sit here today with several homeschool books scattered around me because I'll be homeschooling 10+ (in the future I'll be having my own children) children. I know everyone is thinking several things that I hear all the time.

First, let me explain I come from a big family. My dad was one of 14 and my mom was one of 9 children. So a big family is normal for me. I have 15 siblings so why not have a big family myself? Granted I'll be honest I was expecting it quite so soon, but I wouldn't trade my life for anything. I adore fixing lunches and snacks.

Housecleaning? I do have someone hired to help me keep up around the house and help do laundry. Plus I have family that live right next door to me who I help with things like meals and such and they help with the kids as well too. I have two sisters living with me who adore helping with the kids.

Money? That's a rather personal and touchy subject when people ask directly out about it. Rest assure my children get the best. We live in a house with a storm room built in and we have adequate space for our family to grow, play and learn. We have family trips planned, so don't worry about the money situation. All you need to know about money situation is that Vin and I take care of that responsibility equally.

Faith? Are there days when I want to pull out my hair? Yes, but interestingly enough it's not from my kids. Vin and I spent balanced time with them. People don't understand how we do that and keep our lives on track. It's all in how you raise them. We aspire to raise independent children who know they are loved and can come to us anytime. The times when I want to pull my hair out is when I have people giving us "talks" or "advice." That's what makes me want to rip out my hair. Even worse is the skeptical people who think we are lying and saying the kids are ours and we are hiding our sin. Trust me, the whole world will know when Vin and I are no longer pure.

The children in age order (as of today) are Ella Michel (Girl, 6 Months), Arbour (Girl, 8 months), Braden a.k.a Brad (Boy, 1 year and 2 months), Nyx a.k.a Nyxie (Girl, 2 years old) Luna (Girl, 3 years old),  May Dawn (Girl, 4 years old) , Pixie (Girl, 4 years old) Rain (Girl, 5 years old), Joelle a.k.a JK (Girl, 6 years old ), and Aspen (Girl, 7 years old). Yes none of my children are older than 7 years of age. I love it, though. I have artwork they have created everywhere.

So that's it for my tea time with me for this month. I'm really going to try and do these once a month. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

What would you like to see me address in the next tea time? If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below!

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