Popsugar Must Have July 2015 Review

This month's Popsugar was something that had slipped my mind until right before it was to be delivered! I was proud of myself for only knowing one sneak peak, because I usually know most of the box's contents. Many of these were awesome surprises and some weren't that great. But I happen to like this box better than I did June's box.

Henri Bendel Signature Stripe Canvas Dopp Kit ($28): This was the only product I knew was in the box and I was tickled to death that I was getting something from Bendel's! I love Bendel's I could live in the store and adore all the pieces I have from there, including my snowglobe! I love how this bag has a hinge inside so the bag will actually stay open for you! Plus the bag is lined with water resistant fabric which is easy to clean if something spills!

Sorial Card Case ($28): This was nice, but I have received one of these before this box. Either that or I have received a purse from them. It's a nice card holder. There was also a $25 gift card/code, but honestly looking at the site there isn't much to pick from on there. I don't think this company is just starting out yet there are categories with nothing in them which is strange.

PopDental Portable Toothbrush ($19.99): Lol this was a surprise! And very neat if I say so! It's cute. It's electric! It's freaking perfect for trips! Plus it's nice of them to include the battery and and extra toothbrush head!

Yes to Blueberries Cleansing Facial Wipes ($5.99): Confession: I didn't like these. Sure I could give them to someone else or.... You can be like me and use them to wipe up your make-up, make-up area/vanity, and petri dishes (I use that for mixes products.) Just a tip if you have a holy grail wipe you like or these aren't nice on your skin.

The Good Bean Fruit & No-Nut Bar, Chocolate Berry ($1.99): I didn't even finish this. I hated it but then again blueberries straight out are not my favorite. These were not good to me. When Vin and his best friend screw up their face and don't like something I know then it's not just my tastebuds. I want better snacks from Popsugar. What happened to the chips? Even a cookie would be nice... Mmm cookies.

Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 ($28): This is amazing! It works so well! I am saving this for Disney trips in the future. Plus I may even buy another one because this really makes the face matte. I put it on before and after applying make-up. It really keeps the make-up in place all day. This was my second favorite thing in this box! 

Extra: Hallmark Signature Greeting Cards ($14.97): AMAZING!!!! I was the dopey-weirdo that just thought it was one card but then I opened the plastic and discovered it was three gorgeous cards! A wedding, blank, and birthday! I cannot wait to see more from this line especially since my cousin's cards in her box were completely different from mine and they were stunning!

All totaled I came up with a value of $126.94 for the July 2015 POPSUGAR Must Have Box! New subscribers can use the coupon code “MUSTHAVE5” to save $5 off their first box.

Hope you enjoyed! 

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