Mini Currents 07. 18. 15

Saturday is suppose to be for relaxing right? Um my life didn't get that memo! We started the morning by getting my new vehicle after I had trees fall on mine the other night while at was at my Mewmaw's house and the insurance company said I could get a new one. Vin and I had breakfast at Cracker Barrel as a treat to us. As we were turning into the driveway my phone started ringing.

It was the pediatrician in Birmingham asking if we could bring Nyx in for emergency blood work. When I hear emergency blood work my mind instantly goes to cancer. I called my dad and Charlene and they were excellent about watching the kids. May Dawn didn't want to go so she went over to Aunt "May Anns" house to play the piano and Brad stayed with Nate.

To shorten this really long story... Nyx has Angelman Syndrome (the original doctor thought she had FAS.) Nyx clubfoot surgery is scheduled for August. Brad has to have glasses. And Arbour took her first step today!!! So exciting for us!

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Favorite Beauty Product:

I'll be honest my Ipsy came yesterday and I love so many of the products that I couldn't just pick one for today: Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Lip Balm, and OFRA Cosmetics Bliss Eyeshadow

Favorite Hair Product:

Coolway Beachy Salt Spray

Favorite Food of the Day: 

Strawberry chips

Favorite Song:

Favorite Line from the book I'm reading:

“Anyone can speak Troll. All you have to do is point and grunt.”

Favorite Pin I Found on Pinterest or Favorite YouTube Video of the day:

Favorite thing taking place in the future:

Being off Tuesday

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