Going Once.. Going Twice.. Going Disney Auction

My family and Disney stuff go all the way back to the beginning of Disney! Seriously my great grandpa even helped build it! So we treasure memorabilia of Disney! And you even know from my post about my drawings that I enjoy Disney drawings. So when Ryan Stills, of Invaluable Auctions, asked me to announce an event for Invaluable Auctions that included things from Disney;  I agreed.

To own a true piece of Disney history is not something to take lightly; that's why you should go with a company who know what they are doing and have been in the industry for quite some time. Invaluable has been in operation since 1986 and began their journey online 1989! They know what they are doing and are quite knowledgeable about auctions.

Invaluable (formerly Artfact) is the world’s largest online auction marketplace of fine and decorative arts, antiques, collectibles, and estate sales. Across all three of our properties, invaluable.com, invaluable.co.uk, and auctionzip.com, more than 30 million bidders per year arrive in the virtual salerooms of the world’s premier auction houses. Collectors have unprecedented access to the items they are most passionate about. Invaluable’s live online bidding platform allows collectors to bid in real-time on auctions held around the world. -- About Us, Invaluable.com

These are drawings from the original composition of these works of art. Some of these are rare, and would be amazing to showcase at home if you are a fan. The event is called Vintage Disney & Virgil Ross Animation Auction by Sellersville Auction LLC. Some of the bidding has already started, but the lots will not close until July 14, 2015.

In this auction it is not all exact Disney main creations. There are also Looney Tune Characters and Dr. Seuss characters. Such as the Grinch which is signed!

Enjoy the bidding! I know I am going to put my bid on some of these pieces! Let me know if you are bidding or even better if you get one! 

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