Currents 07. 21. 15

Vin and I have completely finished unpacking (only taken like two months!) So we enjoyed a lovely brunch of salsa eggs together and we talked about our wedding and life after. Which lead us to the discussion of our wedding date. We had entertained the idea about a week ago about pushing it back, because we want more time to work on little details to make the day more for us. Plus, we want to get our family as of now on the right track. We are now settled in so it was time to talk about it more. I don't want this day to be something that is rushed.

So we have set the date back until October! We have decided to take a three part honeymoon, first starting with Disney World right after we are married. We still want to visit Norway but that will come later the next year which is fine because it will be a good time for our family. Then as a family we hope to sail the New England coast.

And remember if you want to talk about the wedding on anything just use the hashtag #Vinterwedding2016

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Time I Got Up…

8 A.M --- Hey that's late for me

Weather Today...


Currently Doing for Fitness…

Activity: Off Day - Sorry that so many off days have been on Tuesdays


Currently Using in the Shower...

Shampoo: Pantene Smoothing Shampoo with Avocado Oil

Body wash/Soap/Shower Steamy: Freshwater and Sandalwood Shower Gel

Currently Wearing Today...

Tory Burch 'Miller' Flip FlopTreasure&Bond Burnout Baseball TeeAG 'The Stilt' Cigarette Leg Jeans (Four Year Dreamer)

Current Hair....

Hair style: Just straight and down

Hair products: N/A

Currently Wearing Make Up...

Moisturizer - First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Face Cream SPF 30

Primer - Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream

Eye Cream - Benefit Cosmetics Puff Off!

Foundation/BB Cream - UD Naked Skin Beauty Balm


Spray - Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50

Blush -

Bronzer -

Highlighter -

Eye Primer - Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Enigma

Eyeshadow - Urban Decay Naked Smoky

Eyeliner- Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

Mascara - Urban Decay 'Cannonball' Ultra Waterproof Mascara

Lip products - (MALIN+GOETZ) lip moisturizer

Concealer - Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer

Currently Other Beauty...

Fingernail Polish: N/A

Toenail Polish: N/A

Perfume: DKNY Be Delicious

Currently Having for breakfast….

Salsa eggs!

Currently on My To-Do List….

Backlog blog
Work on homeschool plans

Currently House Smells…

Candle: Soarin' Candle

Wallflower: BLACK SANDS

Wax: Rome Burning Wax Tarts

Currently Buying….

I didn't buy anything today

Currently Lusting After….

A really good paper wedding planner? Any suggestions?

Currently Eating Snack….

Pepperidge Farm: Pirouette French Vanilla Creme Filled Rolled Wafers

Currently Crafting....

Sweet As Honey Baby Set

Currently Excited About…

Going to London and new Wedding date!!!

Currently Grateful For….

The support of my family

Currently Eating for Lunch...

Leftover Pizza from last night

Currently Feeling…

Emotionally: Happy

Physically: Tired

Current Media…

Book/Story: Dracula

Movie/TV Show: The Golden Girls

Music/Song: Moments - Westlife

iPad App: Hallmark Channel Everywhere

iPhone App: Twitter

Games: The Original Cover Orange

YouTube Video: Travel Vlog | BlogHer Conference | July 16 - 18, 2015

Currently Eating for Supper…

Smoked chicken

Current Quotes, Verse, Line…

Sometimes you just need to disconnect and enjoy your own company.

Currently Praying About…

My family
Jessica and her mom
Our country
My Prayer Warrior Groups concerns and needs
Johnny - Please like this page and pray for Johnny!
Situations in other countries

Currently Using in the Bath…


Currently Wearing to Bed…

Eyes For You PJ Set

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