You Can't Hurry Love

"Don't you wish that you had figured out you and Vin were in love in college so you could have had longer together?"

Simply put, no I don't. Because if that had been the case I wouldn't have the awesome memories that I have of us being friends. People don't seem to understand that we are the true example of Jeremy Taylor's quote that says, "Love is friendship set on fire." There are nights that I forget we are in love.

People think I'm crazy for saying that, but the only thing different in our relationship is that we live together and kiss. We already cooked amazing meals together. You could catch us singing around Disney World before we became an item. Jam sessions were a weekly thing. Teamwork well we already found out that we could complete trips together.

Sure the glances don't have to be covered up now. But the fact remains, they were there back then too. Vin answers the question to the same people, who are baffled by his answer. Let's get this straight.

Vin waited over 10 years for the chance to ask me out. He had the opportunity to do so in college, but at that age is when people think they need to find themselves. It's also when life really shapes. He says he wouldn't change the waiting for anything because it makes him grateful each day. Several of our friends think that Vin is sappy when he says he can't believe it's real when he wakes up. But I believe him. I feel the same way.

I didn't have to wait 10 years, I fell in love with him in 2008 when he went by the name Brad (more on that in the coming weeks on our blog together at They Met At Disney.) And realizing that I have the first guy to ever make me break out of my shell unnerves me. I feel so strange because I still advert my eyes when he takes off his shirt which makes him laugh.

Having someone who makes me laugh daily is the biggest blessing that God has ever given me. God knew we needed him first before we could completely have each other. That's why I think it's best that we waited. Our daughter, Rain, was asked who was her favorite fairytale is, and she said us. Vin and I just grinned at the woman who asked her that. The woman asked us about what that meant. Vin answered by saying, "God wrote ours love story and it started with Disney."

I prefer to think like Plato, "Love is a serious mental illness." Because that means that you really can tell that we loved each other all those years. We have always danced, sang, and acted like we had lost our minds. I think the telltale sign of love for us because we are just ourselves around each other. That alone to me is what really makes me fall for him over and over again. He lets me be me. Sure he questions me on certain things.

"You sure you want to run across the Grand Canyon in less than 24 hours?" Yeah he stops me from doing really stupid stuff. (Yes, that's a true story.) Sometimes he doesn't even have to ask me to think about it before doing it. He just stops what he is doing and raises his eyebrow at me. Strange how that unspoken questioning look stops me in my track. I usually just grin sheepishly at him.

Don't worry though, I make sure he does certain things too. I also know a lost cause too. He is 26 years old (going on 27) so why in the world would I try and get him to pick his shoes up out of the foyer? Instead I just accomadate him instead. However, he did learn to put the dirty clothes in the dirty clothes hamper. (Going to work in smelly underwear will do that to a smell good freak.) Though he did cop out on that experience and bought underwear because he couldn't stand it.

Back to the friendship thing though. The thought of us being friends is probably what keeps us from getting into serious fights. We are just open with each other which is why it works for us. I'm notorious for asking him, "REALLY?" He is known for asking me, "Does that really matter?" Questions are always good. (Answers are awesome too! Communication, eh?)

Basically don't rush something that you want to last forever,

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