Ulta Haul: Summer/Fall 2015 (Some Travel)

Leaving for London on Sunday had me worried about what I should take because I have several items already at my house so I'm not taking a lot of make-up but I like to have a clean face while I sleep on the plane and then put on a face either before get off the plane or in the bathroom at the airport. I already wiped out a lot of worrying by traveling with this palette from The Balm, called Bon Voyage Vol. 2!

So here is a list of some things I picked up for the trip and just some things I decided I wanted or needed:

Yes I did buy a lot because I haven't been buying as much make-up lately. Here and there, but not hauls. Granted I became Mayor of Ulta on Swarm which cracked me up. Like I said not all of these items are going on the trip, but many are. I don't know whether or not I'll do an updated What's in My Carry-on or not. But you can find my old one here: Keep Calm and Carry On. If you would like to see an update on my Carry-on please leave me a comment here on the blog! 

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