Last Night & the Last 13 Years

The above picture is from my school trip to Disney World in May 2002. We didn't get to go to the capital because of 9/11 and all the crazy hectic things involving Washington D.C. We ended up going to my family's favorite place instead. What happened on this fateful trip was something that would change my life forever.

What happened is simple. I met the man that I share a house with every day and all the time with now. Now I won't get into the whole story now, but that trip is when I met Vin for the first time. But it would be the last time, obviously!

So last night we started reminiscing about college days and thinking about our first loves. And something happened. Vin and I realized it's been us, for the past 13 years draw to each other. He has a plethora of nicknames and would change his appearance. I realized just how amazing he is and how amazing he always has been.

For my first love was found in a choir singing Christmas songs. It was amazing to find love on a Charter bus with a guy who had a mohawk and gauges in his ears. But he was so proud and excited to sing in the choir. This choir to be exact.

The reason I am not giving you details is because we plan to tell every little detail. We contemplated writing a book, but that isn't us. We like being able to tell it our way. And that's where I leave you today. From here you will you be transported to They Met At Disney

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