Fresh Start Challenge Day 9: You're My Best Friend, And I Love You

When I came up with this day I figured it would be pretty easy. An amazing goodnight kiss with Vin. However, that isn't the case. Because Vin fell asleep before coming back upstairs.

We had a huge celebration in the front yard. There was booze involved. I promise I only had to sips, but we were pretty hyper. And we are a bunch of nuts.

So we had been acting all flirtatious anyhow. We were dancing and that's usually dangerous with Chris and me anyhow because we both release an inner beast when dancing.

However, during the last dance dip he dipped all the way down too. Chris instantly felt tender. I lost myself in his eyes and I felt us kissing. And I didn't pull away, nor would he have allowed me to pull away because this arms were encasing me. I slide my fingers into his hair and I remember giggling because I felt like I was on a cover a romance novel. Barely in anything my hair flowing down my back and this guy with his chest showing and nipples hard as rocks holding me and kissing me.

He scooped me up and we kept kissing. I let my hand slide all over his body. Somewhere my mind registered that Vin was watching but then I opened my eyes and saw him and he winked. I closed my eyes again and went for some more. And Chris encased my chin in hand and the nibbling on my neck began. I turned to face him pressing him against the car and kissed him and let him suck on my lip until I was shaking almost.

I do not regret it at all and I have to say that it was incredible.

We broke apart. And we laughed because we knew that it was good but we were still friends.

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