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Umaibou Vegetable Salad - I have no idea if this is even the correct direction or not. LOL. There was quite as assortment of flavors here. I couldn’t really figure out which were the ones I liked and which were the ones I didn’t! Interesting for sure.

Otsumamu 10 Sen Baked Rice Crackers - This was delicious to me. It had a very unique taste! It reminded me of being back in Thailand and eating the vending machine stuff there.

Umeboshi Hard Candy - I gave this to Vin who said it was decent.

Baby Cookie Snack - Luna gobbled these up. She did not share at all. Hmmm perhaps I can find these online?

Lotte Choco Pie - Clearly this is delicious. How could it be anything else but good?

Fusen Melon Gum - Yummy! It was very fruity indeed! I loved it. It would not be

Strawberry & Green Tea Kit Kats -  In the States if you see green covered chocolate you think it’s mint flavored right? At least I do anyway. But these green KitKats are green tea flavored. The white are Strawberry flavored. They aren't as amazing as the original either.

Matcha Green Tea Crunch - I think I actually like green tea crunch bars better than green tea kitkats. Still not my favorite flavor for candy, but not awful either. I think it just takes some getting used to especially when you are used to the original.

Chocolate Panda Biscuits - I haven’t gotten a chance to try these yet, but I suspect you can’t go wrong with any type of panda cookies. I am saving these for when I have special visitors soon!!!

Lotte Koala’s March - Love these. I want to know where to buy them in Alabama. I found them here in Orlando.

Kameda Kakinotane Wasabi Snack - I am saving these for when the gang comes to Orlando! I love wasabi! Mmmmmm yay!

Strawberry Pocky - I like pocky sticks. This is better than the green tea ones though.

White Rabbit Creamy Candy - These are milky candies wrapped in rice paper and I love them! Give me more!

Lotte Waffle - These are excellent. Realizing that anything that says waffle is going to be amazing!

Wantable Intimates

Pima Dolman T-Shirt (Pink) - This shirt is soo soft. It feels so delicate on the skin. It amazing feeling. Perfect lounge shirt!

Honeydew Scarlette Rayon Hipster - I like that can be either sexy or lounge like based on how you wear them! They are definitely a favorite for me.
NikiBiki Wide Strap Cami - I would probably call this more shapewear that anything else. I’ll probably wear it under something, but I wouldn’t wear it on it’s own.

Eighty One Enterprises Simply Flawless (Aqua) - Very cute and very well made for only $8! I was actually surprised that they were so inexpensive!

Wantable Make-Up

Tarina Tarantino Black Fleur De Lash Mascara - I can tell you one thing, this packaging is gorgeous. Seriously just look at it. I couldn’t wait to test it and I thought that the mascara worked to lengthen, but I am not sure how long lasting it is because I took it off shortly after.

Three Custom Color AfterGlow Shimmer Creme - Another love. This highlighter gives just the right amount of shimmer and is easy to apply as well. I wouldn’t be sad to try the Bronze shimmer creme from this brand down the road!

Mirabella LipColor (Nude) - I am totally keeping this one! It's a perfect nude color to throw in my purse. I like having a red and nude lipstick in my purse for emergencies. It's a great way to be prepared.

Vincent Longo #37 Foundation Brush - I am ALWAYS looking for foundation brushes. I love them. I am not a sponge foundation girl no matter how much I try. I never get it even with a sponge.

The last box was a surprise from my fiance to me. I love it btw.

Lunch Balance

Lunch balance is a monthly box of 5 nutritionally-balanced, high protein, low carb, convenient, tasty, on-the-go meals for less than $6.50 each meal (plus shipping). Meals are designed to promote long-lasting energy, balanced blood sugar, and weight control. And Vin said when he heard about it that it sounded perfect for me.

Day 1 - The first meal includes two Shelton’s Turkey Sticks, The Real Deal Veggie Chips, Orchard Valley Harvest Almonds and Matt’s Munchies Mango Fruit Snacks.

Day 2 - The second meal included Kay’s Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks, Barney Almond Butter, Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers, The Good Bean Roasted Chickpeas and Hail Merry Choco Macaroons. I think this was the meal that interested me the most. Probably because it has almond butter and cinnamon!

Day 3 - The third meal included Tapaz 2 Go, Sensible Foods Roasted Edamame and Bobbysue’s Nuts Almonds & Cashews. I’ve had the Tapaz 2 Go before and really liked it. If you haven’t tried it I totally recommend it.

Day 4 - The fourth meal includes Eden Foods Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Dr. McDougall’s Lentil Couscous Soup, Simply7 Quinoa Chips and Veggie Go’s Sweet Potato Pie. This is another meal that I am totally into for my lunch. I always love soup – even in the summer.

Day 5 - The final meal included Northwoods Wisconsin Swiss, Ak-Mak Sesame Crackers and a Zing Bar Almond Blueberry Bar. I may have to throw in a small beef stick with this.

Extras & Silverware / Coupons - The box also includes various samples and coupons and also silverware to use with your meals. They really did think of everything you’d need for lunch with this!

I am really excited about this subscription. I actually kind of wish it was a weekly thing. $40 a box is reasonable once you break it down. I love it!

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