Doctor On Demand

Vin used “Dr on Demand” for the first time ever on Wednesday. My neighbor had posted about using it on Facebook once and when Vin woke up on that morning feeling like an absolute disaster he decided to try it out. So basically it’s an App you use to talk to / video chat with a real live board certified doctor in the US. It’s a flat fee of $40 for a 15 minute chat and, if necessary, they can call you in a prescription to your local pharmacy. It took him all of 7 minutes to talk to a doctor and get a Z-Pak called in. He feel a million times better! Obviously they can’t handle anything super serious, but the next time we have pink eye / an ear infection / a cough or something else simple I am all over this again. I figure I’d have to pay my $20 co-pay at the doctor’s office anyway and not waiting for an hour when you are sick is worth that extra $20 cost!

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