I Was Born With This

Barely three months old I was in Disney World celebrating Christmas. Do I remember this? No. So what's the big deal? Well that was trip 1 for me being outside of my mom. There is even a picture of me with Mickey. The mouse that started it all has his gloved hand behind my head. 

It started the sickness. Sure I love hunting, make-up, London, and shopping but one thing that always follows with those things? Disney. I have camouflage Disney things. I have Disney Make-Up. I love going to Harrod's in London because of the Disney Store. And when shopping I use my Disney Visa. That's just my life. I live for Disney. 

I have a Disney Binders. Yes, in the plural sense of the word, binders. I have one for trips, cruises, information, my job with Disney, Disney travel agent, and a notebook filled with tips I have discovered over the years. I love Disney trivia as well. I keep it in a database on the computer for myself. If there ever comes a day for Disney Jeopardy I am in luck! 

Why do I love all things Disney? It's not that I love all things Disney. I actually hate the Disney Channel. Bring back old shows and we will talk. But my love for Disney is because Disney World is a haven for me. Just an object of the magical world brings me comfort. Sadly I am the person that wishes they would make a Disney Bible in NVC so I could have both comforting things at once. 

I love taking people to Disney for the first time. It's so much fun. Especially if there are tiny children involved. If that's the case then I get so excited. Right now I am planning for my best friend and her adoptive daughter to join me on my trip in January. 

Hearing Avary's little voice going into true amazement and wonder totally melts my heart. Hearing my daughter know how much a poncho is off the top of her head makes me beam with pride. Yes we are planning our trip and it feels like the best thing. It feels like that moment on Christmas morning when you see all the presents as a kid and you don't know which one to open first. 

At the end of the day no one can take my memories of eating dole whip while my feet take a rest. Or the memories of the Haunted Mansion breaking down and figuring out how the ghosts "work." 

This summer I have found a lot more to be grateful for with Disney as a tourist. While I complain about the character taking a 10 minute break because I have been in line for 2 hours that poor soul has been standing on their feet and not moving for 6 hours. 

It's things like that which I will remember in future trips and hopefully make it so much more magical. 

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