Disney Days, Day 13: Wish Somewhere Else


I adore the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. With that being sad, I hate the music from it minus the Hi Ho song. 

I never really cared for her opera like singing. It felt like it was too forced to me. I hated her baby voice that sounded like she was putting everyone down. Plus, I couldn't connect with her at all. 

The yodeling song felt like nails on a chalk board or a lightbulb being screwed in the wrong way to me. I would always fast forward through that part as a child. The remote was my best friend back then. I tried hard several to love this movie as a favorite but I really have it towards the end of favorite Disney movies. 

The singing I do appreciate because I know first hand it isn't to sing that high and keep those kinds of tunes and pitch range. However, for a Disney movie and with that voice I dislike it. 

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