5 Things I Have Loved About July

1. I have loved shopping at leisure.

Yes for those of you love my hauls where I do big spending days. You haven't gotten a lot of those this summer. I haven't done large shopping binges this summer and it's been nice. I haven't really even went to Target even. Shocking I know. I go to the mall and I may buy a palette here and there. I have bought a lot of Too Faced products this summer but I haven't really hauled. I know it's a disappointment to many but my bank account appreciates it. I have enjoyed buying things here and there instead of a bunch at once so something gets overshadowed usually.

2. Listening to Carolina talk about National Nude Day and Nude Recreation Week. 

Yes she actually participated in the activities. She enjoyed it too. I am just not that comfortable with my body. I am glad for her though. How many women feel that good in their skin and have that kind of self confidence? Her daughter I know is looking down from Heaven and shining with approval and admiration.

3. My daughter finding her first true best friend.

My daughter and +Jessica's daughter's have become the best of friends. They even have their own code, well Jessica and I swear they do. What little girls don't become friends over food, Disney, and planners? We have laughed and cried with them a many of nights. It's been a true blessing to see them become so close so quickly. They remind us of each other already. From "Amanda" talks to Disney trip talks it has been the best thing.

4. My business risk worked out 100%.

I was so nervous about taking a plunge that I had never taken by myself. It feels amazing to know my college years were not wasted at all. It's a good feeling to know that I have made another path for myself instead of working in a job that can always be replaced with someone else. I am not filling a void and it feels great.

5. Seeing my family proud of me and them welcoming Vin into our family with him proposing.

I never seen it coming. I know he had said I wouldn't expect it but I figured I would hear some rumor about it. Not even a peep. It was so magical, because it wasn't just once he got down on one knee, not twice, but three times. The reason for so many times? He wanted photo opportunities. I am just blown away and so happy. I know he loves me. He listens to me. He supports my decisions. He challenges me to better myself with learning and health. It feels so amazing to have someone love me enough to challenge me. He fits in perfectly with my family that way. Crazy yet challenging.

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