My Last RAK

People with EC Life Planners know what RAKs are as long as they aren't newbies. Even Lushies (Lush Lovers) know what RAOKs are in their world. It's always the same. Random Act Kindness. Most of the time it's extra things you have or you have bought something specifically to give away.

I have never done a EC LP RAK or Lushies' RAOKs. However, I have done that very principle of RAK. Where you just do something nice for someone randomly. I love doing these little bit of happiness for someone.

My last one that I did brings tears to my eyes;

My last RAK was me mailing a very special card to my brother Bryant. He is still cancer free after his rebirthing stem cell transplant last year. With his last bout of cancer he had it was 482 days, 62 weeks, 8 rounds of chemo, a 10+ hour surgery, a stem cell transplant, 12 rounds of radiation, antibodies, well over 100 nights in the hospital, and countless blood and platelet transfusions. This is why this little guy inspires me. I hear people all the time talking about how they don't feel good or how they wish they had this or that. I am just thankful to have my brother in my life. He has fought hard for his life for the past six years. The numbers you read are just from the last time he came out of remission.

I sent him a card with small memories I wrote out for him. He said it made him laugh and smile. But the part I including in the card makes us both smile. On my wedding day in December, my daddy will be on my right arm and Bryant will be on my left. Bryant says that without me he wouldn't have beat cancer all the time. Granted I have given him countless marrow and I was the one with the stem cells for him. However, the prayers I have sent for that boy probably have piled up so high in Heaven that God just sighs and smiles.

Right now Bryant is visiting me in Orlando. I have loved watching him getting to be an uncle. He is really good at it. He is so very protective of the girls and I can't help but smile while watching them. He loves on them and scolds them.

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