Planner Wishlist

Yes this is actually stamped in my planner!

I am very picky about the things I buy for my planner. I have really cracked down on what I buy for my planner because I want things I will actually use. I know it's strange but I know when I return home I want a little writing desk for planner time at home. I want it downstairs in the woman cave. Strange yes I know. But that's a lot of where my morning is spent during the week is downstairs working out and looking at the weather. So I want supplies in my office and in the den on the writing desk.

Remind Me Clearly Stamps - I love how different these are!

Iphone Sticky Note Memopad Notepad - Easily transfer planning from phone to planner.

Ribbon Pencil Pen Pouch Case Holder - Is this not awesome or what?

Adhesive Deco Fabric Cotton Lace Tape Pastel 18-24 - I love lace and to be able to decorate with it is even better.

Mini Card & Envelopes - I am getting these to have to put in the plastic envelope at the back of my planner to help brighten people's day. I love little pick me up cards!

Minnie Mouse Paperclips Bookmark - Sparkling and Minnie Mouse? Check! I love this!

Washi Sampler on Carrying Ring - Ummmm how awesome is this? Samples and able to keep up with it? AWESOME!

Erin Condren stickers - Jen on Instagram uses these and I really really want them.

Washi Tape Holder - Perfect for the writing desk. Just to hold a few rolls of washi tape.

12 RAK Stickers to make someone's mailbox happy! - I have only done a few RAKs but I want to do more!

Mickey "to do " stickers - Anything Mickey, I need.

Ladies Wardrobe/Room Stickers - I want these to remind me about my make up expiration dates.

Mail Stickers- 10 count - Mail stickers? Need I say more?

Cosmetic Stickers Makeup - Blog reminders, expiration dates, etc

INSTANT DOWNLOAD Red & Black Keep Calm Phrases for Scrabble tiles 4x6 image Sheet - I love these for several reasons. Just nice reminders to have in the planner.

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Medicine, Pill Tracker - I had found some different ones earlier before my planner arrived. These are super cute though!

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD "Movie Night" Squares - I am in love with this idea. I may buy or I may make. We will see.

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