Not for Vegetarian Eyes

I live up to what I am called. I know the snaps and the pops. I know how talk without talking. I take offense to the fact that you are so lame you think pink is a bad color. I do no sit with my thumbs on a keypad to aim nor do I have pathetic colored balls in load.

I am a hunter and I aim with real bullets.

I hate it when gamers and stupid want-to-be's talk about how great their aim is or how they could do so well in armed forces. Get real. Kill shot is an earned phrase.

Bring home supper during a season, don't shoot your friends with a freaking colored ball. That's for pathetic losers. Shoot something worth aiming for during a season and then talk to me about how great your aim is.

And if you don't like what I just said you know how to find the "x" to get you off of here.

I may usually be the girl you come to for make-up or cute Disney things but remember I am true blood, out in the woods, down home, country girl.

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