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Fancy Food

Fred Unzipped Glass Snack Bag - I was mystified by this to begin with when I first pulled it out of the box. I haven't decided where I am going to put it in my new office yet but it's going there.

New York Naturals Sea Salt & Vinegar Kale Chips - I don't like salt and vinegar chips. Neither does Vin or Rain so these made their way to Carolina who ate them up.

Chocolat Moderne The Lover White Chocolate - This was an amazing treat/snack. It was melt in your mouth and the passion with the caramel was divine.  The Smoked Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar sounds like another winner as well though. 

Nunu Chocolate South African Amarula Ganaches - Amarula, if you are wondering, is a South African cream liqueur. I didn't wait to share these with Vin. I enlisted Carolina help me sample these beauties.

Roni-Sue Beer & Caramel Pretzel Nuggets - These have a better taste than some of the pretzels sold in the stores but were just as hard.

Lala’s Nuts Bodacious Bourbon Walnuts - Vin was crazy about these. I think I had two pieces then the rest of the bag disappeared until I found the bag in the trash later.


I loved how darling this bag was! Probably my favorite bag since July 2013!

Jesse's Girl 9 Pan Eye Shadow Compact - This is a pretty decent eye shadow compact. I may donate it though since I have so many other palettes.

J.Cat Beauty Eyelashes + Eyelash Glue - This were great! I will wear them.

Zoya Nail Polish - I love Zoya and I loved the color.

Mally Beauty Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner - This is an excellent color and the formula is amazing and it just glides on without hurting or anything.

skyn ICELAND Fresh Start Mask with Ice Age Mud - I am excited about trying this! It sounds awesome!


Red & Navy Hearts Brief - How cute are these? And just in time for Valentine’s Day! I love when they send “themed” undies for the holidays.

Red Thong: Typically - I loved these. It going to be fun with these.

Blue Striped Lace Brief - Again, I love these and think they are adorable!  Cute, but also practical and comfy!


popbar Hot Chocolate on a Stick - Rain loves making hot chocolate with these. After her liquid chocolates melts enough she takes the stick out and eats what's left on the stick.

Toothbrush by Brush with Bamboo - I do believe I am either going to donate or put this in the guest bedroom stuff.

Oat Works Oatmeal Beverage -  I received this in a box last month and really liked it so I was super excited to see another. They are so good and refreshing!

Reviver Clothing Refresher Wipes - It really does take the icky smells away from your clothes. I don't feel so awkward on the weekends when I finish my run and I want to go to Starbucks for a drink.

Color Club Nail Polish (Love Links and Nature’s Way) - MORE NAIL POLISH! I am loving the Nature's Way polish. It's a beige/white.

Go! Towel Mini - You add a little bit of water to these are boom, it’s a washcloth. I think I may take this to Disney and leave it in the locker for future trips. 

Rooted Beauty Lip Butter - It’s some of the most unique packaging I have ever seem for a lil balm. It’s in a biodegradable paper tube and instead of turning a dial to get more, you push it up from the bottom. Very different.

Stork Stack

Rich Frog Products Bath Mitt - Rain was enjoyed this in her bath. She played with it and washed with it. She pretended it was a new friend.

Buggy Love PureLove Spray ($7.99): I have never heard of this brand before until now.  I tested this out on a few of my classroom’s toys and loved the results I received. It wasn't hard to wipe off and didn't leave any residue or anything. I’ll be checking out more from their line for work and home.

Credible Cravings Snack Bar - I am not pregnant, nursing or even a real mom. But this was delicious. It’s made specifically to support the needs of pregnant and breastfeeding moms and their developing children. Obviously others (like me) can have it too, but I wanted to point that out!

Parragon Books “Good Morning Bluebird” - This book is adorable!! It’s easily one of my favorite books. I decided to read it to Faith my niece instead of Rain since it's geared a little younger. Faith adored it so much that I just gave the book to Lillian and told her I would get another copy.

North American Bear Flatocow Animal - Rain didn't like this. She is all about some fluff and plush. I decided to tuck this away for either a present or for my own future children like I do many of these goodies from boxes like this.

Food with Love

Chocolate Chip Biscotti by Biscotti di Suzy - I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE biscotti! I love it with tea at night! Plus it's chocolate chip!

Pure Notes Dark “Chocolatly” and “Mokaccino” Serious Milk Chocolate + Blue Bottle Coffee by TCHO - Delicious. Perfect size. And I'm putting the other one in my person for emergencies. Hunger. Boredorm. Dementors...

Restaurant Style White Bean Chip by Beanitos - I didn't like these at all. The only person who liked these was Edwin, my best friend. It was a huge let down for me. I usually love all sorts of chips.

Love With Food Chip Clip - This is so ridiculous, but I love this. It’s just a chip clip, but it’s probably my favorite item in the box. I costly have a bag of something in my beside table. I usually put a binder clip or a hair clip on it so I will be using this from now on.

Honey Graham Sticks by Back to Nature - I am finishing these off as I type. Rain enjoyed a few of them as well. I am pretty sure I will be purchasing them.

Snack Olives by Mario Camacho - Carolina and I did away with these in a matter of minutes one night. We HAVE to repurchase these! 

Dark Chocolate Blueberries by Emily’s Chocolate - Made the mistake of saying blueberries around Rain... Yup these are gone and I had a four year old that was blue and brown. She loved them. 

Dark Chocolate Crepe by Dentelle by Gavottes - Tasted like coffee and was great with my morning Mate tea! It's a light crispy so it was great for a mid morning snack! 

 Q Box

Too Cool for School Powder - This may be the coolest powder I have ever owned. I mean it has a dinosaur on it!!! I am now on a mission to locate more of this brand because I love it so much!

Assorted Snacks - A few items to snack on. I do love that the packaging is in French and English. Something about that makes the fruit snacks makes them seem even fancier.

Surprise Item: Bird Washi Tape -: When I saw that we were getting a surprise item I was instantly excited. And then I squealed when I got washi tape!!!!

Harajuku Lovers Pearl Earrings - Not totally my style, but cute and I know that I can sale or give as a gift.

KOKO Cat iPhone Case - I usually love phone cases but not this one. This is so silly. I don't like it at all and I believe I will be putting it into the gift pile or donate pile.

Beam Lights Moonin Tote Bag - I I can’t find this online, but it’s a cute little tote. I will probably use it at work for some part of storage or library bag.

Beam Lights Matching Pouch - This is a lot cuter than the tote. I will be using this one for playground First Aid kit at work! I am excited to have something else besides a boring plastic container.

Love Heart Shape Photo Clip - Again something I can use at work! I love these! So precious!

Fancy Box Kelly Rowland

Eva NYC Galaxy Clip Free Curler - Carolina was all over this and it did amazing things to her real hair and extensions! It came with the heat glove as well. She was in love with it and it's freakishly cute! I gave it to her since I have my NuMe wands already.

Candy Coat Nail Lacquer by NCLA - A gorgeous blue glittery color! This is easily my favorite item in the box that I got to keep this month and I love that there were two polishes in here this month (you know, to add to my collection).

Don’t Call Me Peachy Nail Lacquer by NCLA - I wasn't crazy about this color but it will do for my on going collection

Gold Inverted Triangle Necklace - This shouldn't have made me so excited like it did! I mean I immediately though, "Ok knit white tshirt paired with black skit with this necklace!"

Happy Dog

Petsport Toy -  I didn't call the dogs immediately. I put the toy where they could get it and walked off to see who would win. I was shocked later when in came Gustaf the puppy happily carrying it in his mouth. His baby growl is precious.

Barkworthies - Since Gustaf got the toy I decided that since there was two of these I would give one to London and the other one to Theo. They were happy to admit defeat.

Dog for Dog Dosgbar -  For every DogsBar you buy, they will donate one to a dog in need. These can be used a snack, a meal supplement or in between meals. I walked outside and called Rachel, Vin's pit, and gave her this. She loved it.

Loving Pets Purely Natural Dog Treats - We’ve had these before and Theo adores them. They are for strict snacking and not trick treats. I specially order those.

Licks for Dogs Liquid Vitamins - Theo actually did this wonderful probably because he knows I don't give him anything he doesn't like. London just looked at me like "Yeah right." So I mixed it with her food and thought "Don't mess with me Miss Priss."

FlushPuppies Doodie Bags - Not only are these waste bags, you can flush them down the toilet without any problem at all. What a great idea because, well, you know why. Where were these when I was living in Seattle?

Nootie YumZies Treats - They are great little training treats. I decided to use these with Gustaf and leave the ones I specialty order to Theo and London. They are grain free and made in the USA, which is huge these days!

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