Valentine's Day Haul

In my group of friends we all agreed not to go over $50 for Valentine's Day. That was the limit. The ones excluded from that was; Vin, Carolina, my family, and my boss. Did I tell them they had to spend more than that? Nope, they did it with me telling them not to spend over $50 on me. So here we go.

Mary Ann - Bless her. She went nuts at Christmas and I told her she better not go nuts at Valentine's Day. She gave me Urban Decay's Naked Lipgloss in Nooner and Dylan's Candy Bar Tackle Box.

Lillian - Run Like Daryl is Waiting Tank people know I love my tank tops. This is going on my list with the Hunger Games one.

Wayne - He  got everyone two bags of candy.

Mrs. Greene - Etsy Gift card and cheesecake on a stick. Omg she makes delicious cheesecake!

Bryant - This kid knows me too well and I freaking love this Nightmare Before Christmas Bats Shirt he got me!

Frankie - American Cookie Company Double Doozie and a chug jug of milk. I loved this! It's so him.

Julie - A balloon and a box of chocolate.

Will's family - A box of chocolates and Plush Mickey that I will always keep with me now.

Madame - Washi Tape

My stepmom and dad - Dooney Burke Chevron iPhone Wristlet - Pretty sure Charlene picked this out since it's a name brand and it's pink... Lol Dad did get me chocolate though.

My grandparents - Sent me $50 and a rose. It was special.

Curtis and Kelly (personal trainer and nutritionist) - Princess Elsa Snow Queen Inspired from Disney Movie Frozen Adult Running Maratho I squealed when Kelly gave me the bag I was almost certain I knew what was in the huge Valentine's Day bag!!!! Curtis got me Speed Tight *Brushed Full-On LuxtremePace Queen TightRun: Speed Short *Block-It Pocket.

Hollister Family - (who introduced me to Curtis and Kelly) are excited I am busting out in my first Disney marathon. Frozen Elsa inspired Calf Sleeves Running Legs in Lycra and stretch LaceElsa Running Cape, and assortment of power gels, gummies, and bars.

Chris - Love Locket Bath Bomb, tons of chocolate

Edwin - Peterbrooke chocolate covered chips and Breakfast at Tiffany's Tarts

Carolina - Carolina bought me all kinds of rose gold jewelry; she called it the Rose Gold Hunger games... Rose Gold Arrow and Rose Gold Bird BraceletCousin to Cousin we will Always Be Necklace, Rose Gold Pixie Necklace, and Audrey's Legend Candle and Suede Classic Rose Gold Women's Sneakers

Vin - Who went totally overboard got me: Bathrobe with an H on itTinkled Pink Gift SetYC Home Sweet Home  I want a million of these candles!!!!

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