Disney Day 6: Magic Kingdom... Best Disney Day

Sorry this is the song that I love singing in the Magic Kingdom!!!!!

I love Magic Kingdom Day because let's face it is awesome! It's huge and full of fantasy and ideas. I mean you can fly on a magic carpet, see a Tiki room come alive, get caught in-between pirates fighting, feed the ducks on Tom Sawyer's island, sing with 999 ghosts, fall into a br'er patch, fly with on London, eat in an Enchanted castle, ride in a gigantic honey pot, fly on an elephant, fight the Emperor Zurg, catch Stitch, and laugh with Mike and Sulley and come back and go on an old steam train ride, enjoy homemade taste fudge and a hotdog from Casey like Casey at Bat. 

So I was up early like I always am on Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom days are the days I get most excited. I went in the living room and shook the boys awake. If you think waking teenage boys up try waking up 20-something boys up. I made some tea and read the news and check the weather. Perfect weather. Bingo! 

I went and got Rain up and put her in her Minnie outfit that almost matched mine. She was very excited. She had on her glittery red Converse and I had on my black ones. We looked like a pair. I honestly can't tell you who was living off of the other one's excitement. We were having breakfast at Crystal at 8:05 A.M. So we were on the bus exactly 7:10 AM to the Magic Kingdom. 

Waiting in line to get in to go to breakfast!

The window decorations are always a favorite for me!

If you get an early breakfast at Crystal Palace or at Cinderella's Castle then you can take so many beautiful pictures of the castle without having people walking in front of you or strollers running you over. 

The Crystal Palace was where we had breakfast! Pooh and all the gang are going to be there!

Tigger too!


Chocolate Mickey Waffles? I think so!!!

Piglet posed for me... Dad of course made his favorite little joke when Piglet came around. Dad points at me and goes "Meet our little piglet." Piglet always puts his hand over his mouth like he is laughing.

I forgot to snap a picture of Pooh while he was at our table without Rain.

We ate so quickly and we were the second table in line to see the characters so the parks around hadn't even opened! It was so much fun!

The Jungle Cruise changed for the holidays for the first time to the Jingle Cruise. Almost the same jokes but with a holiday twist. A lot of people don't understand why these people have corny joke but this ride used to be informative until Animal Kingdom was built thus the corny jokes were born.

They changed up the Jungle Cruise boats to have Jingle flare!

We had a lot of fun on it. 

We left Adventure Land and headed toward Frontierland. We got to meet Chip N Dale. Rain was very excited when they hugged her and gave her "kisses". She and I both got souvenir cups that had "Winter" scenes on them. Though these can't be used at the resorts and they are different from the resort refillable mug. I like to collect them for my kitchen. We went to the shooting range Vin and I battled each other for a while until Rain started getting huffy with us. We walked on to the Fantasyland. 

We were able to meet Peter Pan and Wendy on our way there. Rain and I both raced to meet them. Forgetting I had on snowflake earrings Wendy kept asking me did I have my own snow Fairy. I told her I lived in Alabama where it never snows and at which she looked crestfallen. Rain told her that she wished it would snow and Peter asked Rain if she could build a snowman what would she name him? "OLAF!" They got all excited! We got limited time Magic cards which was awesome.

We decided to do Enchanted Tales with Belle since it only had a 10 minute line.

I love that Disney tries to make everything Christmas-y!

And of course the detail that Disney puts into each structure is incredible... Belle's height chart as a kid.

The kids are given pieces to act out with Belle and you are "transported" through a mirror to the Beast's castle.

Lumière moves and talks to you and Belle!

Rain was Chip the tea cup during the story. It was awesome watching this with a child in it for once. 
They do pick two grown men to be the guards if there are not enough boys which always tickles me.
And some lucky mom always get to be Mrs. Potts.

Afterwards each child gets their time with Belle and they give you card if your child was in it for awesome one of kind pictures Disney took while the story was going on.

We rode the Little Mermaid again and shopped around Fantasyland. We head to Peter Pan's Flight since we had a Fast Pass +.

This is my favorite ride. Because while yes you start on the ground next thing you know you start flying and come off the track. I also love wearing white shoe laces and nail polish on Magic Kingdom Day because the black lights make the nails "glow." Rain swears it's magic and I love it.

We went to watch Mickey's PhilharMagic next. Rain was excited because she gets to wear the 3D glasses again and she kept hearing Minnie's voice. Now anytime we see anything in 3D Rain calls them her "Opera Glasses" because as Vin and I were strictly told "That's what Minnie says."

We had some time to kill before Rain's Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique appointment to be transformed into a princess.

We walked toward the Tangle toward and I was excited to see the charging station again. Yes Disney is that awesome that they let you charge your phone and camera in the park! But I discovered something extra special this trip! Most amusement parks have gotten creative with the pavement over the last few years. At the Holyland experience you can see all kinds of animal footprints. At Storybook circus there Elephant prints and hoof prints. Now I was prepared for hooves print all over Fantasyland  and I had been to the New Fantasyland but this time I paid close attention. Eugene's horse!!!!!!!!

We walked toward Liberty Square and we stepped into Yankee Trader where I went slightly nuts on buying things and sending it to the resort for me to be able pick the next day.

Not sure why it loaded sideways. It has Tinkerbell and says Domestic Diva!! Vin laughed and said it was very me. He knows me well.

We decided to walk and ride the raft to Tom Sawyer Island. We walked around and I was amazed at how much I remember about the island it had been years since I had been on the island. It had been at least 6 years if not more since I had rode a raft over to the island. They have real barrel bridge which is VERY easy to fall on. Vin and I kept laughing at each other trying to keep our balance and keep a hand on Rain. We let her buy some bread crumbs from a dispenser and feed the ducks. We thought that time would have flown by but it is Disney and magic happens we still had 30 minutes. So we decided to ride the Liberty Belle Riverboat. 

After we walked towards Liberty Square and decided to go to the Christmas Shoppe and  then onto Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

We left the Christmas Shoppe and headed for the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

While Rain was in there becoming a princess. I showed Vin some things around the castle and we shopped at Sir Mickey's. We went in there and Rain was already yawning so we decided that since it was almost 1 that we would go to the room.

Vin and I did go by Starbucks and the bakery on our way out.

Love the Mickey on the Starbucks cup, ya just can't beat it!

The new double buses!!! The middle is actually industrial flexible material so it turns. It takes the same amount of people as two buses!!! 

The regular old buses.

When we got on the bus driver seen that Rain was all dressed up and smiled at her telling he was highly honored to meet her. When the bus started pulling away for all of us going back to the resort the intercom over the bus told us like usual to sit back and relax while Disney does the driving but something extra special happened. "Ladies and Gentlemen please be on your best behavior because we are traveling today with a Disney princess." She was so excited and I'll admit watching her light up like that brought tears to my eyes.

Arriving at the resort Vin carried her back to the Villa while my boss and I went to the food court and a stop at the gift shop. That's where I found this Iron Man Mickey!

We enjoyed some times at the resort while Rain napped and Carolina and Edwin stayed with her. Vin and I headed down to the arcade to play air hockey and for me to crush Vin on the race game. Which reminds me I will be doing all the driving in our relationship.

She woke up quicker than we expected and we headed back to the park around 3.

We decided to ride the train around again to Frontierland because the ride had low wait times. We made my dad ride on the outer side and watched him get whack the palm branch. Sorry we had a blast putting people on the outer-side and watching them get hit with the palm branch.

We rode Big Thunder Mountain.

We were lucky we had reservations to Be Our Guest. So many people can't get a reservation there. Rain and I rode The Little Mermaid again while we waited for our table to get ready. Vin pretty much too pictures of everything.

I love the detail Disney puts into everything have I said that before? 

Gaston's which has amazing floats and where the world famous Magic Kingdom cinnamon rolls moved to when the Main Street Bakery turned into a Starbucks.

They give you a candelabra to carry inside even though it's not really that dark. I guess if it's raining or dark you can use this.

I love how the napkins are on the table when you get there!

Vin got the gray stuff and it was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!

I ate the puff pastry which was really good too.

The decorations at Christmas just amaze me!

They had it decorated like the Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Enchanted Christmas. Complete with the angel, Angelique!!!

They even had it "snowing" outside the window!!!!!

They have the restaurant broken into four different part, the ballroom, the dining hall, the west wing and the library. We were lucky enough to have ballroom tables!

Yep you get to meet the Beast as part of your meal! But be sure to walk around the rest of the restaurant otherwise you will be kicked out!

We rode the train back around to front of the Magic Kingdom and headed toward Adventureland! We decided that the dessert at Be Our Guest wasn't good enough that we "needed" Dole Whip. Dole Whip you can only get at Disneylands, Disney World, and Hawaii! YUM!!

Yup Disney HUMP DAY!!!!!!!!!! Strange how we were there on a Wednesday!!! 

We had to watch the Tiki Room Show!

We rode the Pirates of the Caribbean and I got soaking wet from a "bomb" exploding in the water.

We rode Splash Mountain, yay more wet!

We walked over to Tomorrowland where we rode Buzzlightyear Space Ranger.

Rain loved this. She also loved the fact that I whooped Vinny's score. Too bad I know the cheats. But that will stay our little secret.

We rode the People mover which tells you about all the rides in Tomorrowland. It's a nice easy relaxing ride. So relaxing that little Miss Rain decided to fall asleep. We walked around a few shops and bought things while she snoozed in her stroller. Which just let me add: Backpack Stroller by QuickSmart deserves HIGH praise in this blog. Omg this is amazing. No the backpack isn't the most comfortable but you are carrying a stroller on your back instead of having to tote it or drag it along. This was a godsend for her!

We left after that and I hated it to be our last day at Magic Kingdom. Vin set with me that night after we got to the resort. We fixed our schedule so we would have some more time in Magic Kingdom!!!
I went to be very happy that night!

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