Fabulous Friday 2.28.14

WOW!!! What a week this has been! I have loved loved loved this week! It's almost heartbreaking that it has to end!

Saturday, February 22 ~
I was awake at 3:30 A.M. putting Body Glide and Band Aid Blister Stick all over me. I was suiting up and having two bananas and a small bowl of oatmeal. Why? Well this girl was fixing to run her first RunDisney event. Yup, this girl did the Enchanted 10k on Saturday.

Sunday, February 23~
I was up again at 3 again putting on my running gear. Why in the world was I running again? Because I wanted the medal for the Glass Slipper challenge. I ran my first ever half marathon. Thirteen point one miles first thing in the morning at 5:30 but this girl finished those miles in just an hour and twenty-five minutes!!!!!!!! I came and I conquered my fears of running that huge distant and I survived running 24,000 other participates that morning!!! It was so awesome running and getting cheered for by others. I do not think I will do anything like Boston or Chicago which I am sure is so boring that I would cry from boredom. I would rather run these again or for a cause! 

Monday, February 24 ~

I slept in on Monday, but I got up and managed to pull on some clothes and walked around Disney with my two favorite people in the world! We went to Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. We didn't spend too long in the parks. Vin knew I was tired and that we have all summer to explore the parks while I am working. I came in and tried to map out what I want to happen through my blog.

Tuesday, February 25 ~

We did go to Magic Kingdom that morning for a tiny bit. It was nice to look at everyone smiling and showing off the medal that they had one. My own three weighed heavy around my neck but I wouldn't have traded them for anything at that moment. We piled up in the car and headed home. Disney and I understand each other. Disney and I have been through so much together. I have conquered fear, hurt, and hate at Disney World. Nobody can take Disney away from me it's in my heart. It knows I will be back. 

Wednesday, February 26 ~ Seriously, snow dusting on the ground. (Ahem, Spann buddy that's what a dusting looks like!). Temperature shock... UGH! But work was awesome! I looked through pictures of the weekend and smiled knowing what I had accomplished!

Thursday, February 27 ~ Thursday was a work day that ended in a meeting. A meeting about the future. The future... Yup house is 97% finished (including painting and wallpapering and lightening). The facility where the daycare is moving to is huge and almost finished. I signed up for two more Disney races. One in Disney World and one in Disneyland. The future is huge and I'm excited.

Friday, February 28 ~ Today at work should be fun. I'm looking forward to our field trip to the Space Center. It should be a promising day. Also I have a lot blogs to write for you guys so here's hoping everything goes smoothly!

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