Disney Day 2: Epcot Baby!

There is something about getting up for Disney World. I am a much more pleasant person when the phone rings on the nightstand beside me and I pick up the receiver and Mickey tells me to wake up. The group of us decided that we would spend the day in Epcot and come back and spend some time at the resort.

We ran to Soarin' and we rode it without having to worry about a FP+. I swear I never get tired of "soarin'" over California. The ride takes you 80ft above the ground while your feet dangle and you see images, smell the smells, and  hear sounds from California. Your seat moves with the images to really get the feeling you are hang gliding.

We rode Living with Land which could be boring to some people. But I love learning about hybrid plants and what new things Disney is doing. My favorite thing is that Disney serves some of the new inventions in the food court of The Land where this ride and Soarin' are located.

We did eat the Sunshine Season. I got the Spicy Cashew Chicken it was delicious and I was glad I got it. I love trying new things at Disney!

We walked back to the innovative parts of Epcot. And I begged everyone if we could go to Club Cool. Club Cool is sponsored by Coca Cola. It's the different flavors of Coke for the different countries. There are twelve different ones. You get mini coke cups. And you press for the flavor you want to try the most. Sample them all! My favorites are Mezzo and of course Beverly! (Real Disney Fans picked up on the sarcasm.)

We went around the worlds after that. We are saving Test Track for when the guys arrive this weekend. 

It was sooooo strange meeting Elsa and Anna without my Rain droplet. I had tears almost the whole time while meeting them. They even asked me was I was ok. I told them that my daughter wasn't there and they were her favorite. I had them sign the book for her Easter basket. 

We walked around the worlds. We tried different snack credits from all the different worlds. We left went to the room and took some naps that were well needed.

We walked around the worlds again and we had a lot of fun. I bought a ton of snacks in Japan and the cutest Hello Kitty phone case and pillow!!! We watched the fireworks as we were leaving.

Remember walking around the different parts of Disney World is a lot of walking anyhow! This was just 3 hours at the Epcot park. 

We went back to the resort and watched the Electrical Water Pageant from our resort beach!

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