Disney Day 1: RunDisney Arrival and mini Lush Haul

We left at 3:49 A.M. from Northport, AL. We arrived in Orlando sometime around 3. We uh kind of stopped at some boutiques along the way. But so anyhow, we had a fabulous ride down here. We took my SUV. Gene and I drove. In the middle part was Bre and Carolina. In the very back was Ridge and Diana. We had a hilarious time. It's so funny. Out of the grown people in the car I was the only one not married but I seriously forgot that I was odd person out.

We watched movies. Showed each other magazine articles out of our magazines. Ridge was showing me make up ideas, Bre was showing me baby stuff, Carolina was showing me sports stuff and I was sharing fashion. We sang songs. We did sleep some.

Arriving in Orlando is my favorite part. HELLO LUSH! Yes I went to Lush because I didn't want to have to bubble wrap my Lush products. So I decided we would stop at the mall. I wish I could say that we just went to Lush but that mall is huge... So no that's not the case. I'll do the rest of the haul later.

Fizzy O'Therapy


Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar

Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds

We left the mall and headed to Disney World. Genevieve called Whole Foods to have them deliver groceries to our villa. (We will only be staying together until Friday night.) I will continue to stay in the same villa with Carolina, Edwin, Vin, Rain, and Kayleigha when the guys arrive.

Since Carolina and I will be staying in the same villa for the next week we completely unpacked. I got a little misty eyed when I found some of Rain's stuff in my Disney essentials. I miss her so much. I missed her even more when I got to the park.

I had to take care of some business about this summer and then I caught up with everyone in Magic Kingdom. It felt so good to be back home!

I love it so much! It's amazing to me every time! Nothing can change this place to me! Sure there is bad things that can happen here but I look past all of that and think back on the amazing memories I have had over the years.

We rode the carousel and watched Mickey's Philharmagic. 

Ridge wanted to go to Downtown Disney once we were finished so we did! 

I know you are thinking, seriously bowling at Disney? Ummmmm you people realize Disney takes something and amps it to infinity and beyond right?

We had sushi! 15  different kinds of sushi while bowling! YUP! They have all kinds of different flavored fries, a ton of different pizzas, rice bowls galore, burgers and sandwiches, salmon, chicken Parmesan, salads, and stuff for the kids. But they take eating while bowling to a whole new world. 

So we ended up with Bre bowling a 235 coming in first, I bowled 218 for second, and Gene taking third with 206.

We were going to go back to Magic Kingdom but we decided not to and just return the room but it's on in 5 hours my friends! 

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