Review: Barry M Nail Polish Chameleon Color Changing

This was an impulse buy at Boots while we were in London. I was searching for a different kind of nail polish and I definitily found it with this one.

Barry M can be ordered online for those of us in the US. But I don't recommend buying this one. I despise this nail varnish. I'm annoyed at myself for buying it. It's basically a nail varnish that supposedly "changes" color. What it doesn't say, is that you need to go out and get the Barry M topcoat (or some other topcoat) in order for it to work.

Luckily, I have several topcoats and different clear glitter nail polishes, so I was able to try it out straight away - I think it's cool that you can make your own designs using the topcoat.  It's absolutely no different to just having two different colors and painting them over one another, and definitely not what it says on the bottle. Furthermore, the instructions, especially the one talking about needing the top coat, are absolutely TINY and written on the side. It comes out a little gloppy, and I was really not impressed.

I will say that it dried quickly, but I know that it won't last long, since I can't apply a top coat, as this would ruin my designs - I don't think Barry M really thought this one through. And it isn't the greatest staying nail polish either. It's fun to do designs with but when I take the time to do designs I want to be able to protect them for days not freak out that the top coat will ruin the design!

So I am giving this a 2/5. Sigh. I want to give it more I really do.

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