Fabulous Friday Disney Style!

Yup it's Friday again!

Saturday, February 15-

Uhhh I am pretty sure that it was a boring day and all I did was purchase my first Whirling Turban purchase. Nothing else really. I finished packing for Disney!

Sunday, February 16-

Our preacher, Wayne, texted everyone in the congregation and told them to wear active gear and tennis shoes. He also told us we were having church in the park. At the end of his sermon he prayed and said, "Now I want a nice clean game. From all of you." He opened a trunk and there laid Quidditch balls and brooms. Our church played Quidditch which was just awesome. And that night I had to go to a student's house because he was having a melt down because of our student passing away.

Monday, February 17-

Monday was spent making sure everything was ready for Disney World and going to work. I came home and after packing everything up I fell asleep at 7pm! Yes 7 PM. We left for Tuscaloosa at 12 AM and then left from Tuscaloosa at 3 AM.

Tuesday, February 18-

Was spent in the car having a heehaw time together laughing. We did some shopping once we got to Orlando. Then of course we arrived at Disney.

Wednesday, February 19-

We spent the glorious day in Epcot. I missed my Rain so much. Oh yeah and Vin. It was a very uneventful besides Bre having morning sickness and Ridge egging it on.

Thursday, February 20-

Going to Hollywood Studios with Odette is a treat in it's self. She is in her element there. I swear she should have been born 1910 just so she could have enjoyed the 20s through 50s. We did get to learn how to draw different Disney characters.

Friday, February 21-

Ahhh today made me nervous but yet so excited. We watched Diana and Genevieve run the Family 5K. But my Rain droplet arrived today and ran straight into my arms in the lobby. She might be named Rain but she is my little Ray of sunshine. 

Here is to the coming week being as awesome as this one!

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