Disney Day 7: Let It Go.. Wait What? Let's Go to Epcot!

To say Rain and I were excited about this day is understatement. We were thrilled! Meeting princesses during breakfast then getting in line to meet the Princesses then exploring the rest of Epcot well!

We were singing the whole morning like any mother-daughter Frozen duo does when they know they are going to meet the people from Frozen. I even put a little bit of make-up make up on her because she was so excited about going to the parks. 

We were on the bus extra early at 7:05 A.M. the first bus of the day! Rain was bouncing up and down on my lap the whole way there. Her little "First Time Visit" button reflected the sunlight outside and I was was grinning ear to ear at her. She clutched her Olaf and her autograph book in her hands as we took the turns and curves to Epcot. 

Taking her hand as we got off the bus she was excited to see the "big ball" again. After bag check we were put in the line for the breakfast again. There was a ton of people already waiting to get into Epcot. 

We had breakfast the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. You get to meet Belle at the very beginning, and then Aurora, Snow White, Ariel and Cinderella come around during breakfast just like Winnie the Pooh and his friends did at Crystal Palace. This one is slightly different. Only the colder breakfast items like cereal, yogurt, fruit and some pastry are buffet. You are served the hotter items family style. Rain really loved this but her heart was across the pathway, where Anna and Elsa were waiting to meet this little bubbly Princess. 

We got in line to meet the Princesses because the line it's self can get backed up to 4 hours in a matter of 15 minutes! No joke. Afterwards we 

We headed back to the front or more specifically to Future World: West. I had already made Vin ride Soarin once and I was so excited to find out that Rain could ride it. Hang gliding over California with the sights and smells are incredible. We also met up with Chris and Odette while getting on the ride to Soarin.

After riding Soarin' we went on the Living with the Land Ride.

And I would just like to the thank the guy sitting 3 rows behind me on the Living with the Land that yelled at me, "Oh baby I want to roll your tide." He yelled it I'm sure because of my Roll Tide shirt. I don't think I have ever been so flustered at Disney. Not to mention, my dad, my boyfriend and my best friends that are guys didn't care for that either.

After that informative and interesting ride we decided it might be best to go ahead and ride the Nemo and Friends ride. Rain loved the queue for the ride. She loved that it looked like she was underwater already. The ride let's you into a huge aquarium and gift shop. A life size version of Bruce with his mouth open so you can look like you are inside Bruce or hanging out of his mouth looking like you have just been caught like Vin and Chris did.

Odette and Chris parted ways from us as they headed to attraction where it feels like you are in a hurricane and have to fix your house. We decided we would try Test Track again since we didn't get to finish the other night at Epcot.

Mine and Vin's car is the pink one. 

Vin and I decided we should start heading back towards the World Showcase if wanted to get things done before Little Miss Rain decided it was nap time. Before we did completely we stopped in at Mouse Gears where I am sure we did the most shopping. I got pajama pants, mine and Rain's Duffy's some clothes, a mug, t-shirts. We had gotten a coupon on the back of one of our receipts from our counter service for 30% off which I loved! 

We came across the Figment ride and we decided to ride it and Rain just adored it

After the Figment ride we walked through the flowers looking at all the different ones.

We pretty much bypassed Canada World Showcase because we had spent a good bit of time in Canada the other night. So we headed to the UK!

Yeah I had to buy me some London food....

The best tea biscuits there are!

Vin still wants to know whether the paper dolls are actually for Rain or for me to play with.

The Paddington Bear that managed to make it into Rain's suitcase because she loved he wearing rain boots.

Some of the books. We got two Winnie the Pooh, a Paddington Bear, and few others.

Guess what Uncle Vinny bought?

I loved the tree they had set up in the UK!

We bypassed France because we had enjoyed their shops the other night at as well. Morocco is always a lot of fun. It's the most "different" you could say because you get to see what all Morocco has.

Japan was next on the map and I was super excited. My dad and I just looked at each other and nodded. We headed straight to where you can open up an oyster and keep the pearl. I bought Rain her first real pearl. I never gets used to watching them butcher the oyster after all these years. 

I am hoping to do what my parents did for me for Rain. Each Disney trip they would come buy me a pearl and when I graduated from college I had a full strand of Disney World pearls. I love it so much. 

Vin and I loved the sushi! 

After stopping long enough at the American World Showcase to get a funnel cake we headed toward Italy. We didn't spend too long in Italy. Vin and I bought some wine and bought a glass to sip on our way

We went to Germany afterwards and went to the sweet shop and Rain was so excited as she pressed her face up to the glass. 

I was starving because the sushi was just a teaser and we were saving the desserts we had bought at Germany for later on. The caramel corn was ate on the way home though. So I was thrilled to see China! 

This girl was excited to eat! I also got an egg roll but if you think it lasted long enough to get a picture, you don't know me well.

After we decided to look around China.

This was Vin's favorite thing. They make you go single file into the room pictured above and you have to stand in the dead center. You talk and you hear yourself EXACTLY how others hear you. Rain's comment? "It sounds like the voice in my head." We got so tickled at that.

Rain seen it as we left China.... Norway!!! She started doing her little dance again. I remembered I whispered to Vinny. "Disney did a good thing with this. Most little kids hate Epcot but this is the happiest I've seen our little one." Rain was all about riding the Norway ride even though it scared her a little bit when the trolls cast us away. After the ride I grabbed Vin's hand and told him the movie was boring we went to the gift shop. We had to buy Frozen things of course and I picked Rain up and let her lean out to where Anna and Elsa were. The line was 6 hours long... Those are some brave parents.

We went into some of the other places Norway had to offer.

But then Rain noticed a light blue sign... And recognizing the word "Frozen" we immediately pulled to the Frozen museum.

My favorite thing was that all of the artifacts in the museum was actually on loan from the museum in Norway and I loved learning about how they came up with ideas and images for Frozen. I made up my mind then that I have to see Norway!

We left and she finally started yawning. It was way past her usual nap time. She was still alert just yawning though. So when Vin and I mentioned there was a ride inside the Mexico place she was all for it.

This is the only country in Epcot that I feel like they are advertising for you to come to their country. I always feel like the ride is a commercial. I know all the countries are sponsored except Morocco. However, I think the rest try to teach about their cultures. This one makes you feel like you are watching an information commercial.

She spotted Duffy as we were heading to leave and she was already getting her autograph book out of her bag and I just laughed as Vin sighed a little but then he smiled. I think he would have walked back to Norway if it had made her happy. She and I loved Duffy! He was giving us kisses and hugs. And when Vin came up Vin high fived Duffy even the photographer laughed. 

I figured Rain was would be exhausted but she wasn't yet. We walked back to future world. Vin wanted to ride in the "big ball" and Rain was excited about that. She and I rode together while Vin rode by himself behind us. Halfway through the ride I noticed her little body going limp. And when the ride started going backwards at angle and she didn't react I knew she was asleep. 

We got back to hotel and enjoyed the rest of the evening. We went to Whispering Canyon which is the restaurant that is one of the restaurants in our resort. We loved it. It was cool enough to have a fire going even. So I got my wish of me and Vin sitting beside a fire during the vacation.

I also did some shopping in the gift shop while we were roaming around.

Rain and I love all the towel animals we got while we were on our trip. 

We went to sleep that with visions of Olaf dancing in our head.

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