Disney Day 3: Hollywood Studios with the Girls!

Carolina, Mary Ann and I all screamed like teeny boppers when we heard Chris's voice! Oh we went crazy! Want to talk about those crazy 20 year old dancing in the middle of Hollywood Studios? Uh yeah that was us!

Some things never change from trip to trip. Like getting up when it's dark! Nope never changes! Up and out of the door by 6:45 A.M. I was super excited see I had MOST of my best friends with me. And this time Odette was talking to me because she knew I wasn't going to be on the phone with nosy ass people. Yup I wrote that and I am not regretting it! Life goes on because you know what? Life is a highway!!!

We got to the gate and we were the first people in line. Carolina and I were in one lane and Gene and Claudette was in the one beside us. I grinned at Gene right before they scanned our wristbands and I told her "Race you to Toy Story Mania?" We literally took off. Let it be known Genevieve can really runs when she wants to run with all that she has. We grinned because you know? I got to do something I had never got to do in all 48 times at Disney World (ok so Toy Story Mania hasn't even been open 10 years but you get the idea), I was the first freaking person in line for Toy Story Mania!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCORE!!! A ride that usually has either the second or the first longest wait of Disney world (Seriously think New Year's Eve was like a 6 hour wait in line to ride this!) But this ride is a blast! It's 3D, it moves, you get to shoot things, and you get to challenge the person in the cart with you!

We had to let A LOT of people in front of us so the others could catch up with us but being able to say I was first is a feeling I will never forget! Carolina was riding with me once she caught up with all of us. I know she can't run or work out like the rest of us for at least three more weeks to recover from her miscarriage. I didn't give her too much gripe about being so slow. We played a pretty good game.... Pffft since I wasn't playing against Rain this time I didn't hold back. I had the highest score of the hour!!! And my prize? A deer!!! We all belly laughed at that. And laughed even harder when Carolina got a beaver.

We decided to ride Star Tours after that. I was getting hungry but I didn't voice that until after this ride because sometimes Star Tours can jolt you a little harshly. It's 3D, the seats move, and the box that you are in moves so it's a motion ride at the best. 

I love the guys' faces when I can talk Star Wars with them. However, this time I was protected from the embarrassment of having to stumble that I don't want to walk around with them. I can now wag my finger with it's glittery diamond ring on it and say sorry.

We opted for fruit for breakfast but I spied one of my favorite places... Starring Rolls Cafe. Let me show you instead of tell you why it's one of my favorite places in all of Disney World!

Ever had a Gigi Cupcake? This Butterfinger cupcake at Starring Rolls Cafe is twice as big as one of those! Yup I had half of this for breakfast! I am not ashamed of it either. Of course Mary Ann got the chocolate peanut butter one too.

We went to The Magic of Disney Animation and I was really excited that it wasn't the same character has the ones I have done in the past! This time it was Donald Duck!!!!

Not bad if say so myself. 

"But you have heard of me." Yes Captain Jack Sparrow we have. Ahhh I love this new part to Disney! Anything with Johnny Depp I'm all over it.

Tower of Terror got the next vote of the ride to ride. Diana had never rode it. Genevieve said usually she chickens out at the last minute. She was very brave about it to me. 

Have I ever said I love how much detail Disney puts into things? I think I may have somewhere. But rest assure I freaking love it!

We all voted to ride the Rockin Roller Coaster before going back to the room for a break.

"Threeeee, twooooo,....." Yeah they never actually say one.... You just start flying! Zero to sixty in 5 seconds. And you almost automatically go upside down! 

This girl needed a snack... I know I know I constantly eat. I got me a Micky Pretzel!

And back to the room we went after finishing up our snacks for the morning! Genevieve and Diana left to go pick up their iBags and their race bibs. 

Yes this is my haven while at Disney at night!!! This girl can lay in the tub and watch tv. 

We didn't stay in the room long. Just long enough to freshen up and head back to Hollywood Studios! Genevieve and Diana met us back at Hollywood Studios telling me how awesome the Expo was.

This was what Odette and I bought while we were at the bakery! Jack is mine!!

We watched One Man's Dream. I always find this fascinating no matter how many time I watch it. 

Of course after this we had Fast Pass + to go ride Toy Story Mania. Diana wanted to ride with me this time so I let her win. She grumbled because she knew I let her win. 

And after riding Toy Story Mania we decided to go watch the Great Movie Ride! I always get enjoyment out of the ride too. I find it informative and entertaining.

I had a serious case of the munchies after this ride. I think it is all those movies and no popcorn!
Min and Bill's Diner hit the spot! I love the new bread cones! 

After that it was Muppets 3D up next for us!

After that we watch Indiana Jones Stunts. I always find this so boring. It's not even really Indiana Jones they show you how the movie is brought to life. I got bored of this even as a child. I really think it's time for this to become an archive for Disney World. Bring on Star Wars Land and Cars Land!

We did watch the last show of Beauty and the Beast. Mary Ann gets all excited about it. After watching it we did some shopping. We mostly laughed at Odette who can hum or sing the entire Hollywood Studio soundtrack! She loves vintage and it shows!

We decided that after that we would watch the Voyage of the Little Mermaid!

We had reservations at one of my favorite Disney World Restaurants! Sci-Fi Drive In. Now let me explain. They make it look like it's a Drive In.... but inside! No matter if it's raining, hailing, snowing, etc you can still eat in the car-table while watching mini movies on the big screen!

And that was pretty much our day. We watch Fantasmic and left. 

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