Disney Day 9: Last Disney December Day

Vin and I were amazed that each other knew this song. We had a hilarious time singing this together. I was even more excited to find out they are making music again! 

If you ever have the privilege or the unprivileged (whichever way you deem it with my demeanor at Disney) the last day is the worse. Part of me is finally reaching it's exhaustion point and just wants to lay in the bed and watch my favorite channels of Disney World, Resort Information, the Guide, WDW Today, WDW What To Do, Disney Vacation Time, and Storytime with Duffy, and Disney vacation. (I would love to get these channels at home!) And then the other part of me wants to go the Magic Kingdom and handcuff myself to the gate and never leave. 

But after having one heck of a date night the night before I didn't have those feelings. I woke up feeling like jello. I swear I looked like I had slept with a hanger in my mouth. I couldn't stop grinning. I got dressed in a daze. 

We ate breakfast at Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary.

 Then went to the Winter Summerland Miniature Golf course. You go around helping 

We went to the Beach Club Resort to Beaches N Cream. 

And yes those of us who went got The Kitchen Sink!!!!

And we all of it! Ever single bite!

We returned to our resort. We decided to stock pile on food in left over snacks and counter services. I'm sorry but after I pay that much money for a dining plan I am going to get the food! So we left with 8 cheese burgers, 8 drinks, and 8 chips for counter services that we stuck into Ziplock bags. And snack credits we stocked up on different snacks. Rain and I decided to try the Mickey cheddar heads. While the guys started packing up things Rain and I piled into the bed and decided to play Frozen.

Below is not my picture but it does look like my tendency to hoard Disney toiletries.

We did find a Frozen snowglobe for Rain. 

We got counter service supper that night and watch the water parade again but this time we watched it from our own resort and we left at around midnight. It was an interesting last day. 

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