Fabulous Friday Feb 14

Omg I totally forgot about doing this last week!!! And I am not going to go back two weeks because we will be here forever!!! Sooooo starting with last Saturday, February 8:

Saturday, February 8 - It started out with my family going through old photos and posting them. Then the day was spent watching the Olympics, Cool Runnings, and packing for the move. It was a fun time spent with my family.

Sunday, February 9, was hilarious. Chris and I performed "Good" at church. It was very creative. We dressed almost like Adam and Eve. We had a snake. I spent the rest of the day getting things ready for the week. Throughout the day I watched YouTube videos.

Monday, February 10, we received a shock. We were told no school and no work because of snow! I bought the whole Disney World soundtrack which is awesome. And we stocked up on food and supplies for a winter storm. Even though some meteorologist told us we would just get a "dusting." But the best part for me of Monday was about my brother who is fixing to be 12. He has had cancer for the past 6 years at this point but Monday night they called me and told me that he is N.E.D. No evidence of disease! I cried and was so happy. He has been battling for a long time but this last round of cancer has been 490 days, 64 weeks, 10 rounds of chemo, a 10+ hour surgery, a stem cell transplant, 12 rounds of radiation, antibodies, well over 100 nights in the hospital, and countless blood and platelet transfusions. 

Tuesday, February 11, Remember that dusting? Yeah it turned into 2 and half inches. James Spann if that was a dusting... I hate to see your house. I also made a new friend early early Tuesday morning through Pinterest. She is a sweet lady who has been married 57 years. But I also received some distressing news later on. First I was sad to hear of Shirley Temple's passing. My mewmaw loved her movies and we would watch them often. I can remember watching those movies while baking pies with mewmaw. "Animals crackers in my soup monkeys and rabbits loop the loop gosh oh gee but I have fun swallowing animals one by one." And then I got a call from my director/boss telling me that a student of mine died Monday night. It broke my heart. Nothing prepared me for that. Nothing at all. I spent the rest of the watching the weather and learning how to cope and grieve for myself and my other students.

Wednesday, February 12, I started the day off by buying brushes and then I put my snowchains on my tires and left to go into town. I went and bought a gas card for my student's family that had died. I also went to work and took all of his work down except for two art pieces. I placed all the work in a scrapbook for his family and I wrapped it and delivered it to them. I went to see a few of my other students making sure they had everything they needed since we were expected to get more snow. And we did that night. Vin and I walked in and it was just breath taking. There is just something about walking around in the snow. Rain and I loved it we walked around going "Let it go, let it goooooo." Until Uncle Vinny pointed something out.... "STOP SAYING LET IT GO! God thinks you are singing Let it Snow!" Hehehe Oh Vin. 

Thursday, February 13, I knew today was going to be hard. The snow was melting, which always bums me out. And it was time for the funeral since they didn't have a viewing. I don't like going to funerals I always feel so lonely and cold. It was slightly better than I thought it would be. My student's mother knew I was going to come and the woman even though losing her son managed to get me a Valentine's Day present. She quoted Harry Potter/NCIS to me when she saw me quivering while looking at the casket. "Do not pity the dead my child. Pity the living. He is in peace and hurts no more." It just stood out to me. She gave me a plush Mickey Mouse and a Disney box of chocolate. She told me that he got to meet the Mouse because of me. I helped her plan their family trip to Disney back in December. He was so excited to tell me when he got back. I like to believe that Peter Pan had his hand while going to Heaven. 

Friday, today, Valentine's Day - 
I awoke to a tiny little person on me. She was giggling like crazy. I pretended to go back to sleep and she pulled my eyelid up and grinned. I started tickling her. She gave me her presents to me. Then it was Vin's turn. I had already received my presents from Chris and Edwin last night. I worked some this morning and then Vin and I flew to Tuscaloosa. We checked out my brother and his girlfriend, who is also Vin's cousin, out of school We had lunch at Edgar's and then we went to All Fired Up! to paint different things. It was lots of fun. We flew back to Huntsville with them in tow. We had a big celebration at my neighbor's house who has a pool. Valentine's day and the fact that my brother had his central line taken out yesterday. He can take normal showers and get into the pool. We did and we have been loving it! 

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