Buy All the Things: Planner Wishlist 2015

Good morning everyone! So last year I did some planner wishing; I Told Him I Got A Plan and I'm Gonna Dominate, and Planner Wishlist.

So first off Stickers on my wish list can be for decorating or for function. I think there is a nice mixture of the two. I've gotten better at actually making my planner functional as well as making it a memory book as well.

*I'm not putting these any kind of order or by store.

Set of 20 Salon Appointment Stickers for Various Planners - I love the simplicity and the vintage vibe from these stickers!

Common Bill Sticker Printable to fit your Erin Condren Weekly Boxes - These are specific bill stickers, I don't really keep up with bills in my planner. I would if I had stickers though ;)

Planner Pregnancy Sticker Kit - I cannot wait to get these next year!! I hope she will still have them!

56 Cloth Diaper Laundry Stickers - I use cloth diapers with my little ones. Well I use a hybrid cloth diaper

52 Wedding Planning Set - This is the best wedding set. It's one that I actually plan on using. I want something to cross reference with my normal planner.

Self Breast Exam Reminder Stickers - I really need reminders to do this! Plus how cute are these?!!

Cruise Vacation Countdown Stickers -- PP061 - I cannot wait to go on more cruises! These are so cute and normally I don't do countdown but these are just too cute!

40 Bubble Bath Stickers Bath Time - OMG! This Lushie Queen cannot wait to have this as part of her collection of stickers!

Spa Day, Bath, Facial, Soap, Lotion Stickers - I need more spa days. Spa days mean relaxation!

AC Filter Reminder Stickers - Um yes please! I cannot count how many times I forget to buy these!

Hunting Stickers - It's my name and it's my hobby.

Duck / Duck Call Stickers - Again! I love to hunt and these are just perfect!

Childcare's Medication tracker - When a child is sick its hard to remember how many doses. I like that I can keep track with these stickers.

Tornado / Twister Stickers - Oddly I really like these. We have a lot of tornadoes. Plus we have memorials and events because of the one that came through on April 27, 2011.

Aunt Flow Period Time of the Month Tracking Stickers - Honestly I don't care if a guy is going through my planner and sees that. It's his own fault for going through my planner.

Bible Study, Church Planner Stickers  - These are soooo precious! 

Jack o' lantern Sticker Sheet - Even though I have lately purchased a lot of fall and Halloween stickers, these still are so cute!

19 NBC Character Stickers - The only reason I haven't purchased these is because they are so expensive. Because these are seriously so cute!

87 Folder Planner Stickers - KG sent me some of these on her freebie sampler and I love them! I must have more of them!

48 Laundry - These are so awesome for laundry reminders. I use these mostly (yes I have purchased a sampler with them on it) when I come back from a trip as a reminder to do laundry first thing!

72 Push Pin Stickers - I haven't tried these yet but I do think it would be great for work reminders and things like that instead of teardrop stickers.

Gnomes Decorating Kit - I love gnomes! Gnomes, owls, hedgies, and toadstools do it for me! I like fairies too. Basically I like whimsical and mythical characters (except the hedgies.)

Alice in Wonderland Decorating Kit - I love all versions of Alice in Wonderland. I also like meeting Alice in Disney World.

55 Bicycle Stickers - Starting to train for doing my first iron man and I need to schedule out which days I am going to biking.

Baking Set Stickers - I ordered a baking set with my first planner sticker purchase but they look nothing like these and I like these so much better. The color is way more rich!

Vintage pattern sticker set - I love vintage anything so why not add a touch of that to my planner.

Sewing Set Stickers - The dress form stickers are what attracted me to these. Plus I love to sew!

Bath & Body Works Planner Stickers - Can we say reminders to get candles and wall flowers?!?

40 Store Planner Stickers - These have Target (which Jessica makes my Target sticks so I would gift these) but they also have Walmart, Dollar Tree, and Michael's. I also need Hobby Lobby stickers...

Jo-ann Planner Stickers - I rarely get to go to Jo-ann's but these are precious and I do order offline because they let you use Paypal!

Sephora Planner Stickers - I squealed when I saw these! I love these! I am a VIB Rouge. So needless to say I spend a ton of money at Sephora.

Ulta Planner Stickers - Again most of my paycheck goes towards buying makeup. These are awesome too!

MAC Banner Planner Stickers - These are awesome for MAC releases! I often forget when MAC releases are and these will help tremendously!

Eyebrow Appointment Planner Stickers - These are the prettiest eyebrow stickers I have seen! They are gorgeous!

Cleaning Sticker set - Something about these stickers remind me of FlyLady (which I use) and I like to just have a simple reminder to clean.

Mini-Sampler of 12 Social Media Icon Stickers - As a blogger who is expanding her reach all the time. I have to say that I love these!

Next on the list is Washi Tape. I have gotten better about NOT buying washi tape because I'm using what I have. Ok except while writing this post. Here are few I would still enjoying having!

Deer Pink Blue Yellow Washi Tape - If someone will please buy this for me, I'll love them forever! Omg I want this so bad.

Disney Frozen Tape - I have a growing collections of Disney washi tape.

Skinny Neon Pink Washi Tape - I, for some reason, love pink washi! I just love pink!

Washi Tape - Hedgehog Tape - I love hedgies thanks to Jessica! They are super cute!!!

Another category of wants is Dashboards, Covers, and yes, Planners themselves.

Ready to ship - LifePlanner - This will be my fourth LifePlanner! I'm very excited about it as well.

Ready to ship - address book - My correspondence list is growing all the time. I also would like to have one for after the wedding to make sure I have everyone's addresses.

Ready to ship - wedding planner - This I'm actually getting and you'll find out more on why I chose Erin Condren over other wedding planners.

Create your own design - covers - custom colorway - I'm really just wanting more covers.

Laminated Cleaning Schedule With Detailed Lists by Area - I have cleaning zone binders but a laminated sheet of reminders wouldn't be bad.

I want my own cover for the Haunted Mansion but I don't think Erin Condren can make it.

I want this has the cover. The purple background and the spider web corner with the wording and the wallpaper single ghost.

This wording is what I want on the inside cover of the front. I want to the same purple as the front and white to the lyrics.

I want the inside of the back cover. I want the first picture's writing and then a picture of the Hitch Hiking Ghosts and then the Phrase "Beware of hitchhiking ghosts."

And on the back cover I want the Bride from the Haunted Mansion with her phrase.

And lastly Sticky Notes. These are not always

Sticky notes / bookmarks - These are very festive. They are pretty and cute and I like them for reminders of what is going to happen later on in my planner.

Sticky notes / bookmarks (SN02) - Again these are very preppy and neat. They just add a pop!

Snap-in StylizedSticky™ notes - classic - I like these very much from

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