Tea Time Please, with Me - Two

Eating: Nothing

Tomorrow I have a major midterm for me for Legal and Social Environment class. I love this class for many reasons. First off the professor is very cool. And when I say cool... He is a hippie. So his emails and class notes are very funny!

Why am I so nervous about his midterm then? Because I don't know really what to expect from his tests. Will he have essay questions? Will he have examples or just definitions? It's a very big blur for me. I want to do really well on this midterm.

Truth of the matter? I am just ready for the week to be over with so I can go spend some time in North Carolina with Vinny. I am seriously in love with that little quaint  town he is from in North Carolina. Hello, they still have a real General Store!

It's beautiful country mountain land up there especially the property Vinny inherited! There is a farmhouse which is where the family grew up after the indecent when Vinny was just a child. (I will NEVER tell that story on my blog. Maybe one day when Vinny feels up to it he will blog about it on his blog.) I love the mountain air it makes you come alive! Though, at the same time I feel so relax and just tranquil. 

I really should be studying so I am calling quits on this tea time. Until next month enjoy some lovely tea! 

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