Tea Time Please with Me - One

I love Tea & Talk with Jen from Organized Jen. So I am doing my own version of that. I want to sit down and have a cup of tea with my readers. It's a little bit of a slow time for me. I enjoy tea and talking so this is right up my alley.

First off, I will have a section where I tell you what I am drinking and listening to while I write this. I am a sucker for things like that. I do miss that about Myspace blogs where you listening to something and eating something. Just how I am, because I am a personable person.

Tea: Scripture Tea Apple Cobbler
Eating: Apple slices with Spicy Peanut Butter

So today (well it was when I first started writing this) is September 11th, for us in the US it's Patriot Day. No one is out of school or anything but the flags are at half mast in remembrance. My parents picked me up from school early that day. The next few days were a blur. Daddy getting called away by both of his jobs. It affected our family but not in a terrible way like it did so many.

One of the things I had wondered about was Disney World, what was it like that day? Huffington Post's article,  What Was It Like at Walt Disney World on 9/11 answered many questions for me. The parks were on alert this year as well. It's strange to think that a place so happy could give you fears or nightmares.

My dad tell fascinating stories of what it was like at ground zero for many that had lost loved ones. It's crippling though, those poor people who lost their lives in all of that. Nearly 3,000 people were killed including the hijackers.

My daughters are learning what that day is all about because they don't understand why everyone talks about it. I hope we always remember. We don't cast it aside like we do December 7. There should always be remembrance for those days.

I hope that I can always teach my girls different things that so many parents leave to school and the world to teach them. I can make a list of things that I wish school had taught me how to do. I have even met people lately that their school didn't teach how to do a cover letter and resume. Even some backwoods schools I knew taught that. My girls will know how to get a job.

I was stunned when I found out someone that is a few months older than myself had no idea what a cover letter was and how to make a resume for the job they wanted. I was seriously gaping at that fact. This person even graduated high school. Now the person also applying had dropped out and got her GED knew how to do a cover letter and a resume. I was baffled.

Since I have been writing resumes since I was in the 8th grade I took it for granted people my age would know by now how to write a resume. I don't think I will be expecting that to be the case anymore. For the record, if you expect to get a job and other people are applying too make sure you have something people don't. That is the key to getting the job.

Then it may also be the fact that I enjoyed my Business English and my Business Communication classes and I took everything they said to heart. When I am hiring I look for people who are strong and have heart for what they want to do. Don't just do a job for the money. If you do a job just for the money then you will work every single day in your life, if you enjoy what you do then you won't work. You will be getting paid to do something you love.

Miniature humans bring a smile to my face. I love babies, toddlers, and children. Don't get me wrong I love my teenage brothers but seriously when you hit 9 my love drops considerably. Hehe. The innocence of a child is remarkable. For instance my two year old is obsessed with saying "You a lizard 'arry." Her daddy and I are obsessed with Harry Potter. He listens to Harry Potter as background sound like I use the Golden Girls. She repeats the parts she loves. It's funny.

Well I have enjoyed this tea with you and I look forward to the next one together! Let me know how you liked this talk. If there is anything you want to discuss let me know.

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