The Frustration is Real: Pet Peeves

We all have things that can make us go from cheery to weary quickly. I am known to have a rather hot head. I get it from my dad. My dad was in the army and it is rather easy for him to lose his cool. Anger is something I really struggle with daily. My little Anger emotion is always taking over. Which I know isn't good but hey it's how I'm hardwire. No I am working on that. But here a few things that really send me ablazing!

#1. This is something older people like to do... They repeat themselves. They tell the same stories. But it's not just old people either, some people my age do it. If I tell the same story again I usually add something to it like another part of it or a different outlook because of it. Because I really hate the same story being told over and over. Trust me, what's bad is I know one of the stories I tell over and over is about this one lady (and I use the term lady loosely) that told me the same stories over and over trying to make herself look better. It didn't.

#2. Being a hypocrite/two faced/fake. Yes at some point in everyone's life they are a hypocrite. Not by choice many times, it's because they feel like what they are doing is different from someone else. But I have to say some people really push that boundary and have that plague them too much. Two faced and fake is where this comes in. DO NOT tell me that you are tired of the cold/hate cold and can't wait for summer all over Facebook and at work and then when summer comes you gripe and complain about it being too hot. I will, lose my patience real quick. I will also repeat your words to you.

#3. This is interesting. I hate negative people. People who really do not try to find the good in the day at any given point of the day. Their lives are the pits, everyone around in their lives are idiots, and they are trying to do better. This annoys me. Do better. Lift people up. Actually do something. Don't complain about it when you do it. Own it. A negative attitude will never get you a positive life or outcome.

#4. I may joke about Jessica's lack of country in her slang as an ongoing joke, but that's because I am so country when I talk. I hold onto it. But holding onto something like anger about a certain person, or something is stupid. I had to fight that battle myself and this morning I finally blocked the person on Facebook that I hadn't been able to let go of the anger. But sometimes it doesn't have to be anger. Just because a person screws up doesn't mean the whole world has to know. Just let some things go! And please do not say you are letting it go and then bring it back up in the next thirty minutes!

#5. Asking personal questions when you haven't hit that personal level with me. If I don't know what kind of underwear you wear don't ask my address (unless you are sending me Lush products and then we might chat.) Do not ask about my brother's procedure unless you were in the hospital and then you should know already, because I won't know. I don't want to know. I just want to know he will be healthy. And when I answer a question with I don't know. Don't keep asking more questions because that's makes you look stupid.

#6. Making outloud judgements about my friends (and/or family) including eyerolling and eyebrow raising. This annoys me to the point of tears many times, I am telling you an experience. Do not think just because my friends are well off and are in their early 20s that they had to inherit the money. I get sick of jealousy and doubt from people who listen to what I say then make snap judgements about my friends and family. That's probably the easiest way to upset me is.

#7. Jealousy, previously mentioned in number six, jealousy bothers me as well. Because it really shows what a person is all about. Jealousy will really change people. It's funny how you realize a friend wasn't really a friend until they become jealous of something you have and then they act like you did something to hurt them. That's when you realize the friendship wasn't that real to begin with at all.

#8. Body shaming, I know I have posted about this before on my blog. Because this is a huge issue with me. Yes, modesty is good so you can represent yourself as a Christian, but it is also nice to feel good in your body in whatever you wear. People need to learn that skinny people like being told to eat more just about as much as plus size people like being told to eat less and work out. In the words of the little girl in the YouTube video, "Worry about yourself!"

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