2015 Fall Bucket List

Have a bonfire/campfire

Leaf hunting- preserve the leaves

Make caramel apples - have a buffet toppings, 1, 2, 3,

Go on a hayride

Go to a football game of some rank - Duh....

Go apple picking

Go trick or treating


Make several meals in our crockpots

Huddle by a fire

Enjoy Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Enjoy Oktoberfest

Make candied apples

Play frisbee

Chop firewood

Can fruit

Find new recipes and decorations for candy corn

Rock climb

Get ahead start on Christmas shopping

Enjoy many fall festivals


Kiss in the rain

Get rid of summer clothing that you didn't wear

Clean out closet

Clean porches

Clean desk

Clean kitchen and prepare for major baking!

Wash windows

Visit the farmers markets, Northport, Tuscaloosa

Check the tread on the tires

Vacuum thoroughly, with curtains and upholstery included

Visit a Bed & breakfast

Go to a drive-in movie

Mail snail mail letters

Pray through the Psalms

Hold a food drive

Have breakfast in bed one morning.

Start a family gratitude journal or a thankful tree

Start a family prayer journal

Make pinecone garland

Print out Printables for around the house

Pre Pack shoeboxes for Samaritan's Purse

Go to a corn or hay maze

Go to a haunted house

Make homemade apple cider

Go to a pumpkin patch

Bob for apples

Carve/paint pumpkins

Rake leaves

Jump in a pile of leaves

13 Nights of Halloween on ABC Family

Bake a pie - Pumpkin or apple

Go on a picnic

Go to a farm and pick some fall veggies and make soup

Make chili

Have Halloween books for every day in October

Make pumpkin flavored everything!

Volunteer at the library or soup kitchen.

Take a family picture

Make popcorn balls

Make costumes

Lay in a hammock

Shop for decorations cheaply!

Go to a fair

Go on a family bike ride

Roast pumpkin seeds

Have several family game nights

Plant fall bulbs for spring flowers!

Buy ALL (just kidding) the fall scented candles

Go to a Cider Mill

Make a family giving tree for Family Giving Tree

Make some fall gifts!

Get crafty

Apple stamping

Make a wreath


Go camping

Paint gourds

Relax in the hot tub on a chilly night

Leaf rubbing

See my own breath

Admire fall foliage on a drive

Technically we have an entire sort of fall theme Harry Potter Bucket list incorporated! Read it below!

Vin and Me

  • Have Potter Party - Just Vin and Me
  • Make HP Treats
  • Play Pottermore for hours
  • Order custom made Hogwarts acceptance letters for us and our kids
  • Take HP classes with him
  • Get HP tea and attempt to read our tea leaves
  • Visit the Wizarding World of HP again
  • Write out what we think our Amortentia potion would smell like.
  • Tweet JK Rowlings
  • Play the HP drinking game.
  • Do the HP workout game
  • Knit (just me) him a Weasley Sweater
  • Play Quidditch
  • Collect Chocolate frog cards
  • Get custom made wands
  • Read another of JK Rowlings
  • Actually eat an entire box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans
  • Get a Potter tattoo together 
  • Reread the academic literature together.
  • Buy HP gear.
  • HP Marathon, one day nothing but movies!!

I will probably add some to both lists and I will strikeout when we accomplish something on this list. So keep checking back!

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