Mini Currents 08. 23. 15

Today was a blessing! A true out and out blessing. I am so blessed to have the family that I do! My cousin's wife's baby shower was today and we were having a blast. I won a Target gift card! And Carolina won one too! It was so much and all of the clothes were adorable, even if some were Auburn. They were precious, my birthcloth that said "Aunt Hunter loves Alabama, Mommy and Daddy love Auburn and they all love me," was a huge hit!

But at the end of her shower, my cousin in-law gets up and says "Thank you all for coming but it's time for a change in decoration." She changed all the colors to pink and yellow including the desserts. It was a surprise adoption baby shower for me! I was so shocked and blessed that she took that time to really think of me. And that all of my family did too!

After the shower Vin and I went grocery shopping at Aldi's. Can I just say how excited I am for Tuscaloosa's Aldi's to be opening soon? Maybe there will be some grocery hauls.

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Favorite Beauty Product:

Favorite Hair Product:

Living Proof Flex Shaping Hairspray

Favorite Food of the Day: 

Iced sugar cookies

Favorite Song:

Love Changes Everything - Kat Parsons

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Favorite thing taking place in the future:

Doctor's appointment

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