"Touchdown Alabama"

In two weeks from now, screams will be heard, cleats will pierce the ground, and Alabama will take the field. I will not be at the first game this time. I will be recuperating from running a 10K at Disneyland. Which is an awesome way to gear up for a Half Marathon the next day. Many of you know from my postings of races that I listen to the hype music that the football team does. But on that day while recuperating I better hear Eli Gold's voice say, "Touchdown Alabama."

Just last night as we were in line at Milo's we heard sirens, and we were thinking it was just another wreck somewhere because it was Friday night. I looked up and saw the police escorting several University of Alabama buses to the theater to do their tradition of going to the movies before the season starts. It think its a fun tradition to have for the team. I got goosebumps while watching the buses turn into the movie theater. It's finally here...

Alabama football has been a part of my life since I was born. Seriously, the Saturday after I was born was the day the doctors wanted my premie little self to go home. My dad made this big fuss because he didn't want to miss any of the game and had me released a little early. Thanks dad! But I understand that love myself now. He instilled that love of the game and the team into me. For the record Alabama won against Southwestern Louisiana that day, 25–6.

I grew up having white and crimson shakers as part of my bedroom decor. When I was three years old we put up a clock of the 1992 Championship. My dad loves to tell people about my first memories of Gene Stallings, (coach of Alabama 1990–1996) was "he was the man that they dumped water on!" Their victory over Miami is something that still sticks out in my mind as a kid even though I was barely old enough to have thoughts to remember. But it did. It's some of my first memories.

A big offense to me is when someone tells me they are a big Alabama fan. A Crimson tide wallet, and a bunch of T-shirts do not make you a big Alabama fan. There is no excuse for a big Alabama fan to have never have stepped foot inside Bryant Denny Stadium. They have events, including A-Day Game, where you get for free. Plus, knowing Shula and Saban so does not make you a big Alabama fan. Know your history and I'm not talking about Paul "Bear" Bryant either. When you don't know the history yet you are claiming you are big Alabama fan, it's a huge offense.

Now as far as going to a game, I can understand how it can be difficult. Trust me I was on the waiting list for five years before I got my season tickets. When I finally got my letter that I officially had Zone tickets, I was over the moon. And as requested my dad's tickets and my tickets are right beside each other. The apple never falls far from the tree. It may fall and roll but it still has that initial landing spot.

A few years ago I actually had someone ask me about just going up to a ticket center at the stadium. I know I was looking at her like she had sprouted horns, roots, and extra eyes. I told her simply that Alabama football games are always sold out! They are sold out even if the seats are unoccupied those seats are still sold, the people just didn't show. They have will call that pick up tickets, but buy... They may actually laugh in your face.

A few years before that I had another lady get grouchy with me (this was before I was even a student at the University of Alabama) and she was griping about how she never got to see her daughter play for the Million Dollar Band for free. Even the parents and guest of opposing teams don't always get that luxury. People who don't live, breath, and eat Alabama don't understand. This is a sport that doesn't go away after the national championship is won. This is ongoing, and all year. People are willing to pay thousands for seats and the experience and there are people who expect them to just hand them tickets?

Getting married in the fall? I was that crazy girl that wanted a fall wedding, but has to deal with football crazy. Sooooo I'm getting married on a Friday afternoon. I'm not worried about it at all. Because trust me, I'm making it worthwhile to be at my wedding!

A-Day Games, are very important to my family. It's something I want to pass on to my children. The love of Alabama football, and just Alabama in general is amazing. It's a community that is united against an onslaught from a lot of people. People who judge us because of where we are from, because we win, because we are Alabama. 

April 27, 2011 brought tornadoes that destroyed the University of Alabama's home, my home. I was a graduate student there that semester. I wasn't on campus thank God. It was something to see the community pull together with houndstooth ribbons everywhere. Roll tide was heard when a family was being helped by the football team. War Eagle and Roll Tides were exchanged friendly during those months of picking up the devastation. It was amazing. 

You usually hear of the dogs that are named after Bear Bryant. Did you know there are special events for people named after him? Yep, and my baby brother, Bryant is one of them. He knows where his namesake came from and knows the history. It's fascinating to learn the history of Alabama's legendary coach. It's something that just gets my heart to pumping.

I get a little rowdy on in the fall when Alabama is playing. I drink and occasionally dip (usually the dip comes out when we are losing). I don't care what anyone says if I feel like going and I'm in that stadium, I'm singing it word for word the infamous (an apparently disgraceful, but again I don't care) version of Dixieland Delight.

Spend my dollar. ON BEER!

Parked in a holler ‘neath the mountain moon light. ROLL TIDE!

Hold her uptight. AGAINST THE WALL!

Make a little lovin’. ALL NIGHT!

A little turtle dovin’ on a Mason-Dixon night. F**** AUBURN!

Fits my life, oh so right.

My Dixieland Delight.

Again don't come crying to me when we sing it. Auburn has their song too. It's a bunch of college students who started. It's a trend. Just like like us adding Roll Tide Roll to Sweet Home Alabama or Auburn adding "War Damn Eagle." It's what we do. 

Performing on that field is extraordinary. Trust me I know. I remember the rush. The adrenaline that kicked into my before a game. You can feel the ground shake. The screams echo in your ears long after you leave that stadium.

Some colleges play football, but Alabama we live it.

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