London Trip 2015 Questions and Answers

London is a place that often gets overlooked by Paris and Rome for travelers. I, however, will forever be in love with London. London has always captured my attention, and perhaps it is Disney's fault with Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and, of course, Peter Pan. And when I arrived two years ago for the first time I knew I would return and keep returning. And when I set my mind to something I usually do it, and I have.

I just recently returned from a trip from London, July 26 - July 31. I have had several people pelt questions at me about my trip. So I am answering them all here.

A lot of people's first question to me about this trip was "Why did I go?" 

This is easy to answer, but it's a rather long answer. I am a part of an international teacher organization that meets over the world. We enlighten each other on different techniques that can be used in several different situations in a teaching environment. Notice I said environment and not classroom. We have homeschooling parents come, different teaching style teachers come in, and several other things that make us different.

This is the song that I play every time that I have visited London, because it's how I feel in some ways. It makes me smile thinking the new things I will see each time I will visit London. This trip was very satisfactory in the new things I learned. I did give a speech on technology safety for children. It's something I stress ever since I was in college. Each year I find new ways to protect children online so that they can explore the internet safely and I bring awareness to that. For example this article from Parents; I Never Thought My Child Would Meet a Stranger Online, Until She Asked Me If It Would Be Okay. Technology is a part of our lives. So that's why I went. 

"I noticed that you didn't stay in a hotel. Do you rent a place?"

No, actually I own a house in London. My mom actually helped me obtain it on my first trip to London, because back then I was renting houses. I enjoyed the houses I stayed in because back then it was me and my dog. No one else and we had to find stuff to do by ourselves. 
"You didn't stay gone a long time."
Again, no, I have a family that I wanted to return home before I ever left. Vin, Rain, and I went last January and trust me we have tripled in size since then, so I'm not sure when we will go as a family again. That's up in the air.
"Doesn't that long flight bother you?"
Yes and no. Two things. One I would rather fly British Airways when I fly back and forth. I always fly first class. Trust me it's worth to save the extra money. The amenities are so worth it to me. However, I had to fly Delta over there. It was ok. It wasn't what I used to when I travel over there. Then on the way back, though I was on British Airways, we got caught in a massive thunderstorm and couldn't land so we circled over the ocean forever.
"Did you go by yourself?"/"Who was the guy that went with you?"
This was probably the most asked question. No Vin did not go with me, but I also did not go by myself. I went with one of my best friend's brothers. Damon is relatively knew to me, but he is in the same field as me (he is in childcare.) He was excited to go. He really enjoyed visiting London and experiencing the conference.
No Vin and I are not having problems. Someone has to stay with our children. He was bummed that he didn't get to go but we will go together again I'm sure of it.
"Where do you have to go when you go to London shopping wise?"
This one is easy! Lush (the original), Harrod's (they have a Disney store!), Hamley's (I have children.) and Boots. The original Lush is just amazing! I love it! I love just walking in there. It's fun to go in there too. Harrod's is like Macy's... It's big and bold and expensive. I would definitely say that it's more expensive. Hamley's is great for different kinds of toys. This is always fun for me to buy souvenirs for my children here because the selection is just amazing. Then Boots... They have Soap & Glory everything! (See my haul; London 2015 Haul)
"I noticed that you went to the Harry Potter places again, I thought you were strictly a Disney fan?"
Lord no. I love Harry Potter. I just finished rereading the series for the 13th time in my life. Plus, I enjoy visiting Harry Potter things because it really brings light to just how huge the fandom for Harry Potter is. I've read recently that Harry Potter is the third most read book in the world. That's is insane, but amazing at the same time! So yeah I'll go back to see it as well.
"A musuem can't have changed that much, can it?"
Actually the Harry Potter museum just added something before we went and we got to experience it. You can guess whether not the edibles are really edible or just props! For more information you can read about it here; Feast Your Eyes Upon This Sweet Challenge
"Do you really have tea over there?"
Yes. I never would have believed it but they do stop for tea. I love that too! I love the different ways of tea over there. It's not like these people have high tea all the time. 
"What's this breakfast thing you talk about?"
This breakfast! Omg I look forward to this every single time when I am in London. Yes I could make it at home, and I have a few times but it just not the same to me. I just love how these is really filling instead of the breakfast in the US which are just airy. 

So that's pretty much it. I had a blast. It wasn't my favorite trip but it was still fun and an experience that I learned from just the same. 

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